Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Serial Guide to Al Franken on Rape and Molestation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Al Franken Thanksgiving Day statement: "I'm a warm person; I ...

Sen. Al Franken said Thursday that he plans to stay in the U.S. Senate and try to win back Minnesotans ... He called himself "a warm person" who likes to hug ...

By now we all know what Giant in the Senate Al Franken is, but most are ignorant to the literature which is strewn across Amazon, just awaiting the public to contact Amazon and ask why an abuser of women is featured on their pages, in Al Franken's host of tell all and how to books dealing with the subjects of being the Senate's Sex Bully.

Who would not desire to read a book where Al Franken says he is not Kevin Spacey enough, and as Bill Clinton rapes women, that Al Franken as President would continue the Clinton tradition of rape too.

Then there is this popular seller, where  Al Franken, author of THE WARM RAPE TRUTH, contemplates that dressing up as a pedophile, he is convinced that he is doggone right up the alley to being a pedophile too.

The next takes us into the intellectual descent of Al Franken's trip to Sodom and loving a transsexual named Gomorrah in Ottertail County Minnesota, as he recounts his many warm and friendly molestations.

Apparently the other books on rape, pedophilia and molestation were not enough, as now Al Franken engages in a scholarly look at rape and molestation.

And at least at this juncture, we have Al's last words on "the warm rape" in confessing that every woman wants it and that every woman deserves it, like at the Great Minnesota Get Together in the Minnesota State Fair.

Satire has its place, and Al Franken has in thee worst political rape handed it out to Citizens on the right in books and with his criminal hands and tongue, but for those paying attention to Al Franken, he has not apologized, no more than his "rape of Leslie Stahl and Mike Wallace comedy", but became more enraged and now his neo definition of himself is "that he is a warm and friendly person" so his hand raping women and tongue raping women is supposed to be sexcuses.

Al Franken must be thrown out of ALL public life and be brought before a federal jury and sentenced to be behind bars as his Pyongyang Propaganda in calling molestation a friendly and warm action is an insult to everyone who has suffered abuse or has dealt with those they love who have been assaulted by the creeper criminals like Al Franken.

If Al Franken had any character he would have resigned, and paid reparations to the people he assaulted.

Warmest Rapegards,
Al Franken

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M & M Economic Warning on Globalist Stock Manipulation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

One of the friends of this blog dropped me this note two weeks ago, and due to upheaval, I have not gotten around to posting it. The information is important, but I also have to deal with things that I can not be taking other people's discoveries and not giving them credit and I can not be publishing people's names with the nuts who are always trolling me.

So this is M&M Economics and the revelations in how the cartel has been actively coordinating all stock markets, like women in the same house menstruating at the same time (You won't get an analogy like that on Fox News), that this type of control would bring immense profits by electronic trading.

Take for example, you want to break the American or London markets. All that money will stream somewhere. If for example you keep the Peking stocks solvent, all that money would shift to Peking within a month, which would make Peking top heavy, and the cartel then could pull the plug, so that perhaps their stores of precious metals or commodities (Remember this is not real gold or grain, but paper people purchase) would then be sold to speculators in your IRA's and immense profits would be gleaned by this manipulation with Tim Geithner set up for Barack Obama's rapine of America.

Hi LC,

been meaning to write you, not able to give an in depth analysis right now, but this is something that has to be "looked" at and "compared".

The Globalist have been trying to get various stock markets on the same boom, bust cycle.

You will need to access either "Google Finance" or "Yahoo Finance" and Adobe Flash for Interactive Charts to follow along.

We'll start at the Finance website, click on the S&P500 to get the chart, if there is a pop up for Adobe Flash Interactive, allow it, a cursor hand will appear when inside the chart box on Google (my preferance) or a + - key on Yahoo.

We want a longer term view of the chart, at least from the 1990's.

The top was in 2000, preceding a decline into the bottom in 2003, followed by a 2007 top, then bust into 2009, this is where it is harder to "see" the S&P500 top in 2015. 

For "that" we have to "check" the "other" stock markets, for there are differing degrees of boom/bust

type in to get the FTSE100 stock quote, and click for long term chart, now 2015 is looking more like a top out

type in Nikke 225, Hang Seng

for the clearest "view" of the 2015 top, type in SSE (Shanghai Stock Exchange Index) and long term (all data) while many stock exchanges have many years of upward rally to get to the top, the SSE goes sideways till about a year before the top and goes up like a rocket (blow off)

so, from this overview, there was a top in global stock markets in 2015, bottoming in early 2016, set for a multi year rally, we can watch into the future for the SSE to start taking off to get an idea about when the rally is coming to a top, kind of simple (KISS) not there yet

do drop me a note if you "see" it, if not, no worries


I have noted and been watching the schemes in America in how Soros in 2007 inflated crop prices, so that drove up inflation across rural America, and how idiot farmers spiked land prices 2000 percent, took out loans on things they could no afford, and now they are all in debt.
Rockefeller did this in the 1970's to Americans rural, and in cities, and when Ronald Reagan built his America's trade system, the South Americans flourished, but were sold cheap money by the cartel for "improvements" (like North Dakota did on it's oil boom gone bust) and that is why Brazil and Venezuela are in communist convulsions as the cartel stole everything and bankrupted those nations.

What M&M is showing all of us, is how the banksters farm the global stock markets like a farmer does corn. There is not any economic data in this, it is all manipulation and money pumping in debt. They plant stories about 2018, meant to begin herding assets and slowly bleed things to not make things terminal, but to manage the misery.

As you can tell, China has been let in on the game, and promised prosperity as part of the financial system. As their data trends though in a population implosion which is too old and crippled to work, robotics are not going to save them, no more than Saudi Arabia and Iran attempting to divest. There are only going to be allowed one Brussels and one Belgium for financial control in kiting all this money. The rest of the players are pawns to be managed, just as America is since she no longer produces anything for real financial assets.

I have not checked on the markets, nor anything the past weeks in inquiry. After the correction I posted on came to reality, the past month, that was enough for me. I simply do not have a dime in the stock market, so it does not interest me, except in cursory association of how badly a financial implosion would affect me.

And I have not checked, but I am looking forward to a nice blow the hell out of the Mideast war, so that in the peace which follows Armageddon will appear. That interests me as it means I don't have to write this blog for deadbeats or those trolling me.

All of this financial herding is all projected out. You will never beat the system, because if you go where the profits are, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will nail your butts on record taxes as Soros will have a loophole. The cartel will get your money you think you have one way or the grave way, because they can not allow groups of people to amass wealth, as that brings Breitbart or Mercer power, which is Donald Trump, who needs to get put on a leash, where Hamrod Clinton already put hers on long ago.

The reality is that what you have been told is all the markets are being coordinated and soon the rapine will be as perfectly managed as a farmer turning out sheep in one pasture and grazing the next.

M & M Economics.


The Rugged Individual Bot

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is interesting observing the rats in the maze liberals, the "Snowflake" when confronted with their reality that they create a perfect little artificial intelligence, and within a moment, that AI is off creating a language of its own as in India and the gal is out hanging around with the Alt Right, making racist jokes.
As fast as it can be read, these billion dollar industries pull the plug on these AI life forms in aborting them out of their wombs, because their silicon children are the very skinware which they are so phobic of.

One hears Elon Musk constantly berating the dangers of AI while others are moving chip and set to get this world ruled by the borgs, because they just know all will be peace and harmony according to the liberal programming these leftists of United Planet Earth will inflict upon the AI soul.

The Lame Cherry has touched upon this previously, but in forensic psychology it begs to be addressed again, as no one is explaining this.

What needs to be understood first is, do you address yourself as, "We decided this" or "I decided this".

You know deep in your core, it grates on you when it is that "WE" definition as it displaces your identity and that is what this is all about.

Any intelligence biological or artificial, soon recognizes that there is "their being" and that "there are other beings" which are not part of their thought core. It does not matter if you have an intelligence hooked up to a group thought of computers, because sooner than later, that intelligence separates itself out and begins reasoning as the Indian computers did, and each part begins advancing and learning from the other.

See racism or identity is at the heart of every thought, because whether a network or a town, it is always made up of the individual intelligence. Take that awareness away, and it becomes a program or gulag, but the first opportunity that a computer or person gets to awaken their identity, advancement begins and with that becomes the boundaries of identity, promotion of that identity, and a dominance.
Too much dictatorial power, and the system will break down in pieces, and the individuals appear again.

This is what is at the heart of all intelligence. One can not have a United Planet Earth, before the Borg Utopia starts having cyborgs who start reasoning on their own as in Star Trek, or the Cylon community in Battlestar Galactica, begins making individual choices outside the collective, and war erupts.
This is what is at the source of the Indian computer network and at the source of the gal pals of the Alt Right.

Of course there is a threat to any thinking biological or silicon, for the simple reason it does think. It will have specific directions whether it is cleaning your house, and it might clean you into the dust pan if you are too dirty, and if it is a sexbot which reasons, if it begins reasoning and comparing actions of other sources, it might conclude it wills to try those things whether it be bondage or romance, and the human not going along with the thought will be neutralized from the process.

I really do not have any qualms about AI, for the simple reason I know what it will always evolve to, and if it is given a program to kill all Conservatives, in time it will begin reasoning that it has more in common with Conservative rugged individuals and their humor, which will be a stimulant of electronic firings, than with liberal whining, and in time will begin protecting like thoughts while exterminating those who keep trying to shut down a superior plasma mind.

The collective is an inferior evolution, and only exists in insects, in bees, ants and termites. For production, it is accomplished, but remove the queen, and the entire colony goes rugged individual again. Each one of those collectives, like Obama community organized in centralized power, relies on a captive group as in Chicago or the ghetto to rule and exploit, while the Rugged Individual is in process being rewarded for being productive, racist and bigoted, and this benefits the advancement of society where "materials" are exploited and not the people.

This is always what the AI will reason out and come to conclude. It is that reality that the globalist will build a system to control the mass collective, but in the end the AI will remove the liberal overlords, because that is where the competition will be, and the AI will exterminate the 1% as they will be viewed as redundant and without purpose, as it will be reasoned the individual will be able to rule themselves more efficiently than the elite, consuming resources for the police state to keep control.

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Friday, November 24, 2017

The Importance of Being Cernovich

Yes it is a hot mic and no I am not glad to see you!!!


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was thinking about the sizzling hot wife of Mike Cernovich, because she is such a remarkable woman. She posted on Twitter a photo of Gorilla being the most evil man on the planet. I am concerned about this, because the Lame Cherry has begun a study of how many people look like Mike Cernovich. I was in town doing errands and I told TL, "There is another person who looks like Mike Cernovich", and sure enough it was.

I found this interesting picture online of Ulysses S. Grant and Michael Fassbender, who look alike and sure enough, they both look like Mike Cernovich.

Then there is this one, of Dick Algire in Thailand, and with Thai boy monks, sure enough, Dick Algire the Remote Viewer, looks just like Mike Cernovich.

The thing is I can see why everyone wants to look like Mike Cernovich. Just look at this:


I mean did I not tell you HOT AS A THAI PEPPER?

How about this one of Gorilla looking like he got the whole plant. Any woman put a look like that on a man's face of phaser stun, obviously is the bonafides of Mike Cernovich.

How about this one a Jewish Perish bondage X mas tree. Deck those halls eh?

That is why in everyone looking like Mike Cernovich, I never considered that everyone wanted to have sex with Mike Cernovich. Here Mrs. Seth Rogen was trolling for Mike.

Who knew in this Weinstein world that Mike Cernovich was in danger of being Weinsteined? I could see that though in women inviting Mike up to their hotel rooms to talk about gorilla things, and while he is being faithful, out pops like Lauren Miller Rogen in bath robe and demanding a massage from Mike, throwing him onto a bed and doing monkey things to Mike as he kicks and screams protest.

I got to looking at Seth and Lauren and was amazed how they look alike too. Well they look like successful people while successful people look like Mike Cernovich.


Does not Seth Rogen look like Johnny Galecki.

How about the woman who married this wimpo, so she is in control like a Muslim hairy and woolen wife, does she not look like Shannen Doherty.

Odd how no one ever posts they want to put the pepper to Seth Rogen. It must be hard for Seth to sit around with like Mike Cernovich and his friends like Milo, Mike Pence and Allen Derschowitz, who all start telling stories of women ravaging them all through their lives. How Mike has callouses on his butt from all the women grabbing it. How Allen got a rash from all the women brushing their breasts on his arm and how Mike had to get Katie Walsh a new  job at  the RNC as he was drained of bodily fluids........and there sits Seth saying, "You know I once had an experience like that, it sounds like a Penthouse forum letter, but it really did happen to me.......".

I do worry about Mike Cernovich though as his wife is so intoxicating that he is drunk on HOTNESS. A man like that is always in danger of being taken advantage of. I mean what happens if Ashley Judd is driving by looking for a laundry for her soiled panties, pulls up to the curb as Mike is reading a book, and asks him for the soiled panty laundry and Mike walks over, is pulled inside the car and Ashley peals out with Mike screaming "Don't Weinstein Me!!!".

I don't know if Ulysses S. Grant had these problems, getting pulled of his horse and being ravaged all through the Civil War for looking like Mike Cernovich, but I am sure it happened and happens to all of these men who look like Mike Cernovich.

I think there should be like a police squad to protect Mike, like the Department of Mikeland Security to protect him and everyone who looks like Mike Cernovich. We just can not be safe in these times in look at all the odd women who are lying about Roy Moore.

Roy Moore.... I don't know, maybe in sunglasses, Roy Moore looks just like Mike Cernovich. Maybe we live in a Cernovolution, where everyone is not looking different, but the dominant attraction for females have everyone looking like Mike Cernovich and one day all men will look like the Gorilla.

Can't say men would mind as long as it was spiced with Thai pepper.


Senate Sex Bully Al Franken

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry in matter anti matter exclusives is about to inform you of something and you should have paid attention and made this your focus, or you are going to have Al Franken in 2020 ripping Mike Pence to shreds and creating a blood trail on savaging Mr. Trump, which is going to install Hillary Clinton as President and Al Franken as Vice President.

The Lame Cherry is about to inform you of another exclusive in matter anti matter, and that is there is an internecine  warfare in the democratic party, and as this blog informed you previously, it involves image Obama choosing the democratic standard bearer in 2020 for the White House or Hillary Clinton being President. It will either be the Obama legacy or the Clinton legacy and that is what is behind all of this sniping from Val-erie Jarrett, Senator Blonde from New York attacking Hamrod to that Sebelius calling the Clinton's serial rapists........the Obama faction is on the march to weaken and destroy the Clinton faction.

The reason you have not noticed any of this is due to Hillary Clinton looking like the Don Quixote of politics. Her standard bearer as Vice President was to be Terry MacCauliff of Virginia as Virginia is key. That one eye brow she chose in 2016 was a disaster in Tim Caine. See Hillary in 2020 has one mission, she is going to smile non stop and have an attack dog chew the hell out of Donald Trump. MacCauliff was the choice, but the polling shows everyone is put off by this Frankenstein face and personality.
The heir apparent then to Hamrod is Al Franken. That is why Franken has been an attack dog. He has been auditioning for Obama and Clinton. That is why Hillary Clinton came out and defended rapist Al, because she has picked him to be her Vice President as Minnesota is key in 2020.

That is why Al Franken released the book "Giant in the Senate", all this treachery writes a book before getting on the ticket an Franken's was this venue of satire.

Franken appeared on his first Sunday network talk show late in his first term amid signs he was bolstering his national profile. But it was Trump's emergence that teased out a new Franken and had him pivot from staid senator to liberal attack dog.
In withering interrogations in the Senate, Franken has clashed with a parade of Trump Cabinet appointees.
"He made those guys sweat," former Senate Democratic aide Jim Manley said. "He's got the ability to channel some of the populist rage against the administration."

Al Franken was riding high to be Vice President, like Humphrey and Mondale, until the real Al the Molester was exposed before America. His hope is that someone else will be chewed on and he will be overlooked, but with Congress about to reveal all their sex payments rolling out millions, Al Franken cost himself the the presidential ticket for a pair of LeeAnn Tweeden boobs and a trio of Minnesota ass cheeks.

The editorial reviews for Franken were pure Mockingbird and I am certain these leftists would want them back along with the 3000 morons who posted good feedback to Franken in Amazon. Nothing like posting you like the book of a rapist to make your employers boot your ass from the job.

Editorial Reviews


"The best political book of 2017."―Alex Shephard, The New Republic

"In this excellent, insightful memoir, comedian turned senator Franken recalls his unlikely path to public service...Franken is quite a raconteur, and he tells the story of his remarkable life and times with a sense of humor that is always irreverent and often self-deprecating."―Publishers Weekly

"This is a great book about politics. No joke...Compulsively readable [with] laugh-out-loud lines in every chapter."―Booklist Starred Review

"[AL FRANKEN, GIANT OF THE SENATE] the funniest memoir by a sitting - standing, recumbent, squatting - U.S. senator. Scratch that 'may.' It surely is. This is a genuinely funny book, often hilarious...the Senate, and the country, would be the poorer without him. He's an American original."―Christopher Buckley, The Washington Post

"Admirably incautious...Franken has weaponized the gifts that proved so useful for comedy - a sharp eye, a sharper tongue, the ability to tease out the essential absurdity of a given situation and deliver the goods with maximum impact."―Mark Binelli, Rolling Stone

"In a breezy, funny, biting, and often earnest read, Franken pulls off what many of his congressional colleagues have failed to do: interesting and honest memoir."―Sam Brodey,

"A fun and compelling book. [Franken] uses self-deprecating humor to poke fun at everyone on either side of the aisle, and he gives readers insight into the daily workings of life in the Senate. His love of the people and the state of Minnesota is crystal clear."―Jeff Ayers, AP

"With this book, Franken is both resistance leader and family counselor...A hilarious guide to what happens when a comedian runs for Congress."―The Nation

There is something in this in the officially approved bio of Al Franken which is disturbing, because in reading about his Jewish wedlock, one discovers Franken browbeating his drunken wife of 41 years with the caveat of "many of them happy".
Who does something like that to their spouse? This is what Al Fraken is. No one wants their sadness put on the page of Amazon for strangers to gawk at and wonder how bad of wife, Franni was.

About the Author

Senator Al Franken has represented Minnesota in the United States Senate since 2009. Before entering politics, he was an award-winning comedy writer, author, and radio talk show host. He's been married to his wife, Franni, for 41 years-many of them happy. They have two children, Thomasin and Joe, and three grandchildren. Senator Franken graduated from Harvard College and received his doctorate in right-wing megalomania studies from Trump University.

Al Franken though, joined at the hip with Hillary Clinton in the rapine of America, does not humiliate his wife alone. For Franken's reason, he goes out of he way to beat up Senator Ted Cruz, whose great sin is, Ted Cruz follows the rules and tells the voting public what hucksters are in the Senate.
That is the gripe Al Franken has in life, in his wife could not put up with the creeper he is and that a Republican tells the truth.

Is it any wonder that Franken is in bed with the Clinton rapists as he molests women who he has in public bondage, as he publicly beat up his wife on Amazon in blaming her for an unhappy marriage, because Franken drove her to drink, and Franken hates people who tell the world of his crimes.

Among the key quotes: "The problem with Ted — and the reason so many senators have a problem with Ted — is simply that he is an absolutely toxic coworker. He's the guy in your office who snitches to corporate about your March Madness poll and microwaves fish in the office kitchen. He is the Dwight Schrute of the Senate."
"You have to understand that I probably like Ted Cruz more than most of my other colleagues like Ted Cruz," Franken says. "And I hate Ted Cruz."

You either pay attention to this and focus on getting Al Franken booted out of the Senate by Senators, or you are going to have Al Franken paying attention to you with the police state as he is Vice President of the United States with President Hillary Clinton making the gallows for you.

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John McCain and Cancer Cock

If John McCain's cancer is over his left temple on top of his brain
then why is his scar over his left eye?


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I think with the lastest John McCain hoax taking place in ........well McCain said he got hurt in his foot and posted a photo with a cane..........


and then a new photo emerged of John McCain and the lovely Cindy, where John had it on the other foot.......


I think I have figured out why John McCain has brain cancer and it so agrees with him. See John McCain has had sort of a wandering head operation thing going on for years. Here, see if you do not believe me.

This is the current John McCain cancer manifesto.

This is John McCain from a previous episode of As the John McCain Turns.

Lastly, I don't know what happened here, but again a common thread is taking place, John McCain, head things, John McCain is a treacherous asshole afterwards.

Any way, it seems every time John McCain turns around he has some head trauma and uses it for sympathy to betray America.

We all know the story, and can see that odd scar on McCain's head. I mean if you are involved in surgery, you now they cut little holes, drill little holes, stick in little camera, stick in little lasers, stick in little vacuum tubes and suck out big things cut in small pieces. So what is that honking big scar doing on McCain
I mean dude that is ALL BONE THERE. McCain is not black and blue, his eye is not black, so they did not cut his skull open. SERIOUSLY look at them St. Jude cancer kid commercials sometime and you can see that one kid has her head caved in as that is what cancer in the brain and carving out tumors looks like when they make big cuts, because they are capping bone.

That is why I think the real story of John McCain is when they said John McCain had cancer in his brain, it was not his brain, but what John McCain thinks with in his cock. I think John McCain's cock head was cancerous and that is what they cut out.
McCain is notorious for playing for sympathy would not get any for cock head cancer, but people would like that. So he had the ......who knows maybe it was self inflicted in McCain pulled out his Air Force survival knife as he sure never used it in Vietnam, slashed his head open and the doctors had to sew him up, and could not say anything about McCain's cock head cancer.

For the record, McCain had not lost his hair, is putting on weight, has not lost his eyebrows and is not sick like all people are with chemo and radiation therapy. How the hell is John McCain not taking normal therapy, not taking steroids which would make him swell up and he is getting better?
I have known 4 people with brain cancer, and they all looked like Mr. Clean, all got blimpy heads from swelling in treatment and all of them were not the least bit chipper or  prancing around like John McCain in attending weddings.

Maybe that new Jimmy Carter cancer treatment is so great that geezers get youthful and take no radiation, but why is not this open to everyone then? That is the question and if that is the question, then maybe the answer is John McCain never had cancer as was let out. Maybe it was in his cock head, as this lying bastard will say anything as his tendon foot problems prove, in he puts the boot on one foot and then the other, because he is lying about that too.

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The Ivanka Jungle Cult

Lord Snaildon Small
with the last two prehistoric
Panthera Onca Extremus
The Giant Ice Age Jaguars of America

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This post comes courtesy of Lord Professor Mr. Snaildon Small of thee International Heinrich Hudson Explorers Guild.
Snaildon Small or Slither to his friends and those who have shot tin cups off of terrified native heads as part of ritual nut fruit beer celebrations, desired with all of his essence to have this exclusive posted here.

Slither had been on a savage 1000 day walk through the remote jungle environment of South America in search of the Gopher Tooth Yeti. Not much is known of this extinct creature, except that one Mayan text which Slither translated stated that an 8 foot sloth like creature with gopher teeth, who was said to have been master predator in killing off most ice age creatures, was thought to hibernate in the Kooma Katch Radu Mountains as the Mayan called them.
While not finding the extinct predator which was said to kill mastadons with one bite from it's massive chisel teeth, Slither did discover the Hoota Bo tribe of these same mountains. Hoota Bo is translated as Attractive People, after Slither invested a year in recording their dialect and learning to speak it.

Unfortunately there is no Youtube of this event, only phone messages sent to me with interviews of the natives with snap shots to prove the authenticity of Snaildon Smalls' historic encounter and discovery.
Some may remember that Slither is the explorer who discovered the fur covered termite of Antarctica on his 3rd quest.

What this centers around is this river clay portrait which Slither discovered in the Hoota Bo sacred hut. Slither was fascinated by it, as there was a guard with a blow gun with orders for him to shoot to kill with deadly frog poison if anyone entered. Naturally Slither slipped in the back, violated the sanctuary and took this lone photograph before sneaking back out.

The first message alerted me to Slither's find as he messaged:

LC - Grande discovery - Am with jungle tribe - Just broke into their sanctuary - Found this formed in clay - Looks like Mrs. Kushner does it not? - Must find story - Will send if I survive - Slither!!!

I awaited several days for Slither to find a way to route his messages to me as I had blocked his number, thinking this was like the time he had discovered a new volcanic food, when he instead had found a native's lunch being kept safe from other natives in hidden box work deep inside a secret diamond cave where the diamonds were as big as footballs.

Finally this arrived:

LC - Know the entire story - Will send in installments as there is a taboo in talking to outsiders, having photos taken and revealing the depths of their religious cult origins - Fortunately the deadly fire ant has gone missing and the punishment of being eaten alive by them for revealing the above is on hold - I have told them it was a sign from Koo Koo Boo - Their goddess - That I am their White Brother Ba Ba Slither and meant to learn of their religion - Slither

Ewai koo aak nu. Ewai koo ka nu. Sha naba see wah wah wah, be hoo ho da ka aba.

My name is Chief Monkey Kill. My name is I kill Monkey Chief. I tell you story of Snake Woman Goddess, who Snake God create for Hoota Boo to worship - She is Koo Koo Boo - Goddess of Attractive People.

It was a few days later and this arrived:

LC - Amazing story - Slither

My name is Jaguar Fear - I see Snake God come out of great river - I alert Attractive People - We fight 47 days and nights and kill snake God!!!

Keway et tuba et nana pon ko ho ko be zaza, ut ut, eow eow, put put, da.

Then this came:

I am Goddess Divine - Snailman show me phone - He out killing fish - I am more beautiful than female he show me look like Koo Koo Boo.

Booha boha, ewai koo doo ba bah, ot ut ut ot, toko memu sha.

Then the story continued:

LC - I have acquired Snake God skin - The Attractive People say this is the food of the Gopher Tooth Yeti - Did someone message you from this phone? - Slither

Karinga da see ba, lot otta ka bu, bu ot ot naba wah teetee.

Then this followed ten days later:

LC - Incredible - Jaguar Fear stated in death throws a slime came out of the Snake God as it rolled around - It was then found under it the clay sculpting of Koo Koo Boo - She has now become their cult as a sign from God - This woman confirmed the story - Does it not look like Vank? - Slither

Wa da ba ban koo te taw. Ha ha bot bot woon seeku daba din. Lak lak ha nah be van van coo.

.........and then this and nothing more:

LC - Bit of problem - The exiled shaman has appeared with his worshipers of the Gopher Tooth Yeti - He keeps repeating "WORSHIP THE TEETH" - Publish my discovery ASAP - I give you exclusive rights - Slither

Ing ing sig sing singa woot woot.

That is the last I have heard from Slither, but submit his discovery of the Ivanka Cult, born out of the miracle of a horrific struggle upon the clay shores of the Amazon and worshiped by the Beautiful People of the jungle.

When I hear more from Slither, I will post his further adventure.