Friday, September 30, 2016

Not finding the Tard with Both Hands

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Nom de Deus, are you people that shit for brains fucktards, in thinking that the story about votes found in Ohio, at Columbus, is something you discovered in is "false"?

That is your big Facebook claim to intelligence? When all it reveals what a tard you are?

Stories like that are placed in order to be easily disproven, so you accept VOTE FRAUD.

Stories like that are posted here, because it is deemed the readers are not that asstard to think they  have discovered things which are that obvious, but to be on the alert for stories planted to condition you to accepting Hillary Clinton stealing this election, because  a story in Ohio did not pan out.

Yes you are all so bright to recognize the sun does not rise in the west, when that was not the point. The point is Donald Trump is warning all of you of vote fraud which is coming........and the Lame Cherry will feature a real story tomorrow explaining it all in what to expect, and the point is not for you to reveal what turd minds you are in noticing the obvious.

God in Heaven, no wonder the cartel has no respect for most of you. You strut around on Facebook as some grande experts like the primates at the zoo on monkey butt observations.

Save some time, next post and just notify the world you are a chimp brain on a leash with the brains of an asstard.

Look in the mirror. You are the problem.

Nuff Said


The Return of Facebook

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wanted to thank the people who donated, as they have said every little bit helps. It is hectic here as it is in your lives, but I did hear from the Viking and thank you for the prayers for him.
It apparently floods in Minnesota around 8 inches of rain, and he had to build a Viking ship, cut down the neighbor's oak tree for it, and use a fan to sail his basement to rescue the Baby Girl who was marooned in her bedroom.
He has been away as Baby Girl has to be up earlier to ride the bus to school, and he is a parent who actually loves his child in not leaving her to gnaw on a chair rung.

I have absolute compassion on the Vikings, because I was made to ride one for an hour and a half every day. Lord God being tortured by Muslims was nothing compared to that.

Anyway, I have noticed that many people think they qualify for Sam Adams, because Facebook blocks their brilliance. Having experienced both, I can assure all the keyboard commandos that having two of Homeland Security's best agents interviewing you, is a bit different than a Facebook troll masturbating to your dog photos.

What is of interest to me, is the past two days I have started receiving alerts to my mail account from Facebook, in people who are on the friend list updating their accounts. For a refresher in this, Mark Zuckerberg put my account into Facebook oblivion for exposing Zucknuts crimes and perversions, and in assisting Donald Trump for President.

Now it appears something has triggered inside Facebook, and as Facebook has the humanity of chainsaw murderers, it does make one wonder just what the correlation is in this who has decided at NSA or Homeland or whoever that jerks Facebook's chain in this, to force that spy site to activate my alerts, to attempt to bring me back there to attempt to log in.
Why is someone attempting to get Pavlov's Dog to bark?

Makes one contemplate why this bait is something they would consider I would think was attractive, and to that what is really the motive in all this alerts.

I think I should wait for a big ass donation from Mark Zuckerberg, an elk hunt as he likes killing his own four footers and some other kind of perk as an apology, otherwise it just seems like a bell rung to a bitch at feeding time.

Thank you to all the good of you though, and God bless each of you richly in Jesus Name Amen  and  Amen


The Return of Sick Olde Hillary

Hillary Clinton in Florida

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Expectedly  Hillary Hamrod Clinton, the perennial upholstered wearing dying candidate for President, arrived in Florida to Satan Symbol signs which did not seem to assist her, as she needed help going down a few steps without taking another 9 11 header to the pavement.

Mrs. Hamrod Clinton also lost her voice, took a suck suck, as she coughed and apparently revealed that she is sucking the life force out of her meager audiences like a vampire in order to survive to election day, as that is what Stronger Together means........Mrs. Clinton absorbing energy from healthy people to keep her sick old form from going toe tag.

Yes there is even digitals of Lazarus Clinton, coughing again, losing her voice again, and looking like the wasting away wheezer she is.

We can expect her to disappear again for more transfusions from the youth blood bank, but even with all of that, she still can not walk down stairs without ploughing the first furrow for the pushing up daisies display.


The Reason Hillary Clinton Is NOT In Ohio

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those who heard Hillary Clinton chastise President Donald Trump for accusing her of vote fraud, and listened to Lester Holt, Clinton's corrupt moderator attempt to pin Mr. Trump into accepting the "outcome" of the Presidential race in the last question, behold the breaking story from Franklin County Ohio, which has the election officials there absolutely perplexed.

Now recall in this, that Ohio was the state that Gov. John Kasich "won" in vote fraud.

Recall that Ohio is the state where Gov. John Kasich refused to assist Mr. Trump in, with get the vote out.

Know that Hillary Clinton pulled out of Ohio and has not been there for a month since her Cleveland Coughing meltdown.

In knowing all of this, behold what Randall Prince found in an run down warehouse in Columbus.

Why yes indeed, a warehouse full of ballot boxes, filled with 2016 ballots, already printed up, and already marked for Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates.

Yes that is called vote fraud, you can be sure that the reality is EXACTLY as I informed all of you, that you are being conditioned for the "close race", but Hillary will squeak it out by the closest of margins as you are being set up, just like I told all of you Romney was being set up as a strawman for Obama to steal the election from.

This just happens to be in Columbus, but you can be assured this is taking place in every county in Ohio, and John Kasich with the Taft mafia is assisting on this with Hillary Clinton in charge of vote fraud.

I promise you that this is taking place in North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, Wisconsin and all of these oligarch states for Clinton, as there are warehouses with votes already printed up for Hillary Clinton. If I need to remind you children and brats, the LAME CHERRY TOLD YOU THE VOTE TOTALS WERE ALREADY NUMBERED AS WERE THE VOTES CAST.

Perhaps more of you will believe me and the rich will donate, as the Lame Cherry has been proven right again. I told you this had taken place, because I live in the future and the proof is in Ohio.

It is why all of you must vote, must get out and bring others to voting for Mr. Trump, to get this margin up, so that this can not be stolen.

This is as large of issue for Jill Stein, as Gary Johnson, as Donald Trump is being defrauded, and they are too, along with most of their policies which Mr. Trump is sympathetic to, while Mrs. Clinton will only rule for the Wall Street oligarchs of her donors.


Early voting does not begin in Ohio until October 12, so no votes have officially been cast in the Buckeye state.  However, inside these boxes were, what one source described as, “potentially tens of thousands of votes” for Hillary Clinton.

Democrats and Union Officials Miraculously "Finding" "Lost ...

Democrats and Union Officials Miraculously "Finding" Lost "Ballot Boxes ... in Ohio in 2004. They ... lost" ballot boxes miraculously found by ...

The Stolen Presidential Elections - Michael Parenti

The Stolen Presidential Elections ... Uncounted ballot boxes went missing or were found in unexplained places or were never collected ... In key states like Ohio, ...


There are Trump Ladies and Clinton women

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. 

This is the caliber of Lady in former Miss Wisconsin,  Melissa Young,  who rises to defend President Elect Donald John Trump.

The terminally ill Melissa Young.

Former Miss Wisconsin: Trump helped my family

A former Miss Wisconsin and Donald Trump supporter sought to counter charges of racism and sexism against the GOP presidential candidate on Fr…

This is the type of exploited woman that Hillary Clinton cons into paying for her services.

The terminal shill Alicia Machado

Trump accuses Clinton of using former Miss Universe as ...

Early Friday morning, Trump fired off a trio of tweets personally attacking former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, reports CBS News correspondent Major Garrett.

Let us face a reality in this, which is behind the Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, who Donald Trump with CBS worked to not dump from the pageant, instead hiring a trainer to help her work out, and doing everything possible for her, and the smear that Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine in misogynist is attempting to perpetuate with the help of the media led by Wolf Blitzer.

The fact is today this released a statement in English, a language which she does not speak, which means it was generated from the Clinton campaign.

This is the crux of all of this, and all this woman means to Hillary Clinton is a wedge for Spanish speaking voters, because Black voters have left Mrs. Clinton for Donald Trump. That is the reality in this. This woman is nothing more than a side of beef to exploit for Hillary Clinton's wedge issues, as she has absolutely no policies for Spanish speaking people or Portugese speaking people, except to turn them into the new American slave.

That is what is behind all of this. Why Mrs. Clinton set this up at the debate which she lost to Mr. Trump. Hillary Clinton picked up this desperate and forgotten woman, Alicia Machado, and in contacting her, promised her a future if this former Miss Universe would just prostitute herself for the Clinton campaign.

This is what Hillary Clinton is. She pedals female flesh and views them all as either pimps to donate money to her or whores to exploit in calling women Bill Clinton raped as bimbos, or exploiting this Spanish speaking woman as a Clinton political prostitute.

Donald Trump rises to help a sick Mother and never said a political word about it again, and Mrs. Clinton stoops to degrade another woman for Hillary's political whoredoms.

Nuff Said


The Accidental Diabetic Muslim

Ohio Muslim Brutally Honor Kills Daughter, Family Excuses Murder With 4 Words

Tahani Masour, another victim of Islam in America
Murdered by her Muslim father 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is such a relief to find out that a shot of insulin will cure all Muslim violence in this world, as it is diabetes which caused 9 11, suicide bombers, Obama genocide in the Muslim world and of course all of the Muslim terror events.
We now know that the bribe given to Iran in billions of dollars was not about giving money to terrorism, but Muslim image Obama providing funds to Shia Muslims to buy insulin.

We know all of this, because of an incident in Ohio, of Honor Murder, that the reason he capped two rounds into her head in the middle of the night, was due to Jamal Masour having diabetes.

As expected, politically correct officials are scrambling for a motive, even though Jamal and his family members admitted that he and Tahani had an argument before he shot her. However, the most sickening detail is that the media are running with the family’s ludicrous excuse — that Jamal accidentally shot his daughter because he has diabetes.

Yes it is a relief to know that two planes flying into the Twin Towers on 9 11 was exactly like the two shots this father pumped into his daughter's head, as it was all an accident.

I never would have diagnosed any of this in correlating accidental Muslim violence, all linked now to a sugar disorder from a faulty pancreas.

Apparently Mohammad and his millions suffer from mass diabetic reaction, which is most interesting in, does diabetes cause Muslim violence, or does diabetes draw people to Islam, or is Islam the cause of all Muslims being diabetic.

It seems now if all Muslims were simply mandated to have automatic insulin injectors placed in them, that all of this Muslim violence would stop. The Germans make a wonderful synthetic insulin, which would provide Bayer with a fortune.

I personally do not know if Christians all have healthy pancreas, but in Islam it is a condition.

All medical evidence aside, it is evident what caused this late night murder of a girl, was this Shia (Masour is an Iraqi Iranian, therefore Shia name.) literally Americanized and not going to be a covered in wool beast of burden.

The daughter Tahani Masour, at age 27, was literally locked up in the house, as was this entire family. The neighbors never saw this family as this father ruled them like a 3rd world dictator. This is the face of Islam in the Obama hundreds of thousands of Muslim imports. This is not about mosques going up across America by the thousands, but is about what is taking place in tens of thousands of Hillary Clinton Muslim homes in America supporting her, in a Stockholm Syndrome of Islam.

It perhaps makes sense why Huma Abedin's mother exclaimed to Hillary Clinton that Clinton saw Huma more in a few days that Huma's family had seen her in five years. Huma fled Islamic confines not suffering from diabetes, but because of how brutal it is.

There must be a Christian Feminist intervention to rescue the women of Islam from the brutality they are exposed to inside America. Muslim Women must be emancipated  from this religion if that is their choice. The West can not have any more Tahani Masour's being suppressed, enslaved or murdered.

It is ridiculous the propaganda which Islam is encased in, and the excuses it has in the oil soaked press.

This beautiful American woman was murdered in America, and the guilty with the blood on their hands are not just the father, but it is the regime of enabling Barack Hussein Obama and the blood on her hands of Hillary Clinton who laughed at Khadaffi's murder.

The only emancipation of Muslims is going to occur with Donald Trump as President. This lunacy of now blaming diabetes for Muslim murder is what Obama Clinton has infected America with. A Muslim and a media have shot bullets into a young girls brain, and she clung to life for 10 hours before dying, and instead of remorse, another Muslim excuse is promoted, now blaming diabetes for Muslim insanity.

Ohio Muslim Brutally Honor Kills Daughter, Family Excuses Murder With 4 Words


Another Trump Victory Sign

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Rush Limbaugh is a most interesting study some times in his scripted talking points and on Wednesday September 28th in the first hour, he had a millennial on who was 31 years old, acting like what he had to say came down from the mount. What the milltard though was talking about was not being for Hillary, and not being that excited about any Republicans, until he watched the debate.
What the milltard was going to say though, BEFORE RUSH LIMBAUGH CUT HIM OFF, was that after the debate, he was now excited about Donald Trump and an avid supporter.

Now why in hell would Rush Limbaugh cut off a caller representing milltards, as I thought the idea was to defeat Hillary Clinton right?

The answer would of course be obvious in that objective is now completed, and is why the cucks are hand-wringing and why the Hillary supporters are fading away like the long lonesome winter. Donald Trump is surging so far ahead, that old Hamrod can not steal this.
So why would Limbaugh be now trying to suppress votes?

It is because the Big Koch and GOPliters do not want Donald Trump winning this by such a landslide that he really is going to have Congress scared shipless, and Donald is going to role back all of this oligarchy in a few months and make America Constitutional again.
That is what this is all about now, in trying to suppress Donald Trump from a landslide which is going to put the GOP on a leash and bring Democrats to heel. A massive vote for Trump will absolutely undermine the conglomerate rulers for at least 2 years, and that is what Rush Limbaugh is trying to arrest.

It is a positive sign in this that Limbaugh has marching orders to suppress votes for Big Koch. It is something that each of us should work now to bring out even more numbers of voters to really vanquish this feudal few, to free America from this gulag.

I am moved in this to expose Rush Limbaugh for the few who still are half brains, and to also show what a half brain he always has been in the following.

Most of you probably remember Christopher Kit Carson who ran the Limbaugh show. He died of brain cancer recently and Rush Limbaugh posted the following, which really has nothing to do with his staff member.

Fifty-six years old.  He arrived around age 30 or 31, grew up in Milwaukee.  He was insistent, you know, when he introduced himself to people, "Yeah, I'm Kit Carson," and he assumed everybody thought that meant he'd be related to the famous cowboy character, Kit Carson, so he told everyone, "Yeah, my name is really Kit Carson."

Jon Hall as Kit Carson; and the real Kit Carson.

Cowboys do not wear buckskins.

Cowboy character Kit Carson. I will repeat that in Cowboy character Kit Carson, so it soaks in. Kit Carson was never a cowboy in his life. Kit Carson was one of the first Plainsmen in American History. He was a Scout for John Charles Fremont's expedition to California, was part of the American expeditionary force which liberated California from the Mexican Empire, and Kit Carson was a Colonel in the US Military.

Kit Carson was a Trapper. Kit Carson was a trader. Kit Carson twice herded thousands of sheep through Indian lands for market to California, and never lost a sheep or had a problem with Indians.

Kit Carson was the confidant and friend of Jesse Benton Fremont, wife of the first Republican Nominee for President, John Charles Freemont, and daughter of the great Missouri Senator Thomas Hart Benton who formed America in that period in Congress.

Saying Kit Carson was a cowboy, is like saying Ronald Reagan was telegraph operator, because Reagan was on radio. The era of cowboys did not occur on the Great Plains, until Mr. Carson had passed this veil.

That is always the kind of thing which comes spewing out of Rush Limbaugh's mouth in his patrician ignorance, and unless it is scripted, as in the placing on air of a milltard, and then cutting off the 30 something child before he can gush on Trump to suppress votes, it is a matter of Rush Limbaugh never getting anything completely right, and everything half assed.

It is just the point in this, that Rush Limbaugh has been sabotaging Donald Trump from Day One, first for oligarch patsy Ted Cruz, and then for Big Koch again in suppressing votes.

Know this, as of this date, that Donald Trump is trending toward a historical landslide in power which is going to save every one of you reading this. That will cut off the oligarchs and the cartel in neutralizing them for some time.

Remember that when you hear of Rush Limbaugh in what treachery he has been up to and is still up to every day.