Friday, December 2, 2016

Bad Niggers Take A Knee

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a legitimate question each of you probably needs to answer in if you like being manipulated in psychological operations exploiting you..........because if you do, then stop reading here and tune into the NFL and believe all you are seeing.

If not, then read on to have your eyes open.

See there was this liberal named Hate Cops Matter or Colin Kaepernick of the homosexual San Fransico sodomites, representing the entire NFL and celebrated by these Obama owners..........until their ratings tanked.

So the Baseball League spotted this, and having crapper ratings, and not another Sammy Sousa homerun sham to suck in idiots to hand over money in that fiction with white man Mark McGuire, they set up the World Series to go 7 games so the Cinderella Chicago Cubs would win it the first time in forever.

Yes you believed it all and it is a criminal con.

But that left the bad Nig named Colin ruining ratings in the fag NFL.

So enter in, the Cowboys, America's Team, Jerry Jones brand name in Texas.........replacing that failed Italian Tony Romo, and he just happens to be a black dude named Dak Prescott.......yes right out of central casting, as this is what football fans all want........well no they want a white man winning, but in this NFL trying to loot blacks of their welfare payments, that is what the finance offices picks out.........just like that Black Panther whiner from last year's Super Bowl fiasco. Remember I told you the white guy would win and the black bro would lose before that too.

Any way, so now you are all being manipulated on another "win streak" as the black label is being given to NFL suckers who believe all this brain scam. Too bad for Teddy of the Vikings in Minnesota.....he had hi streak but it peaked too early and Mark Dayton is blowing away coons in Minnesota, so it does not bid well to black audiences to have their hero in "Gun Down the Coons" city.
Besides Vikings are white guys and Cowboys are white guys, but it comes down to Ziggy the owner is in New Jersey and Jerry Jones is in Texas, and Texas trumps Minnesota.........long story for a short version in Dak is about as fake as Daunte Culpepper and that felon Randy Moss, another black duo meant to wow ratings, until white boys in New York Giants destroyed them.

Now your eyes are open to how the Obama NFL is liberally manipulating you again. You got the bad Nigger the NFL loves and then the good Nigger the NFL despises, but will suck in the revenues to make NFL fans forget all about kneeling and hating America.

Yes the billion dollar NFL has staked it all on replacing one Nig on his knees with another Nig fake win streak.

Perhaps you would like this all cleaned up in African American and your being geniuses in never falling for any mindfuckt, but the problem is I am not the one treating Blacks like property and I am not the one manipulating each of you.

Nuff Said


People with Excrement for Brains

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There have been a few posts lately in the Cecil mode of ranters complaining of lions killed in Africa, and one gal in Texas who was tried after shooting a cat without a collar on her property, to the current nuttery of a man in Ohio, shot two dogs from his tree stand, who is now under charges and has been fired from his now you are paying his welfare bills.

Each of you have to face the facts, as no one else is going to point this out, that in many parts of America it is expected to put down cats and dogs, if they are on your property, because rural people tend to have livestock which gets killed because of animals on the loose.

When Killing a Dog Is Legally Justified |

... killing a dog is legally justified, ... the right of a farmer to shoot dogs he said were trying to ... off your property. Farmers may shoot first ...

There is not a carte blanche in this, but I am going to address several things which the hysterics never take into account.

First, answer the questions are deer God's creatures too?

Second, if you are a stupid deer, can you tell the difference between a pair of beloved hunting dogs and coyotes or wolves which just ate your fawn that spring, and do the same thing of using their teeth to hamstring you, and then fangs to pull your guts out as they feed on you?

That is the point in the Ohio story in the hunter saw these dogs running deer, three times under his tree stand, and the third time, he shot them, which in most cases was historical practice across America from game wardens and landowners, as dogs are canines bred to savagely hunt and pursue things until they are dead.

I was visiting TL when three dogs, some asshole from town dropped off at a state park, showed up in our pasture and killed 6 of our geese. Are geese living creatures which deserve protection from invading predators, or are they like you, in Obama thinks you can die on the docks when a Mexican decides to steal a gun from a BLM vehicle and murder Americans.

Everything is so backwards legally in America now, that someone who does the right thing in protecting deer, is now fired, is on trial, and morons at Facebook are ranting about him. When the reality is, this owner of these two dogs is GUILTY of molesting wildlife and interfering with this hunter's licensed sport.
Just because you dog has a collar on and wags it's tail at you, does not mean it is the pit bull ripping the throat out of some child down the street.

Ask yourself, if you think it would be a great idea if Somalis or Mexicans started chasing you down the street, just like that poor deer, and Obama showed up talking about his beloved pet terrorists, while you were freaking out and the person who protected you was charged. Would you like that?

The law which once was America was of common sense. The minute your property starts afflicting on others, is the minute you have lost right to that property and you are the criminal.
Once that dog is out of your control, and on someone elses property, it is no longer your dog, but a criminal that inflicts on other peoples rights. None of that holds any value now in America, as Americans who apply their rights, end up prosecuted and morons online go posse about some pet, as they transfer themselves onto animals, because the mean old world hurt them, and they think these animals love them, when love with an animal is who feeds it best and lets it get away with the most.

I know this from Puntz our rescue cat, in I let her get away with everything, by the sight of my scratched up hands and the fact that I feed her most, and indulge her as I am a soft sell.

I do not like my pets killed or murdered, and not a great deal of our dead pets affected most of you heartless non donors who go insane about a Cecil killing baby impala when a hunter kills it, and go insane over some dogs trying to murder deer when a hunter kills it.

According to WTOV, Chedester told authorities that the dogs had chased a deer past his stand at least three times. The third time, he said, they stopped under his stand.
Chedester then allegedly shot one of the dogs. Belmont County Prosecutor Dan Fry said he believes the bullet that hit that dog also hit the second dog. Then Chedester allegedly shot the second dog.

I have a bit of news for you, in this was not the first deer these dogs had chased, nor the first rabbits and God only knows what else they hunted and killed, "in getting loose", when chics were in the forest, bunnies in the grass and fawns in the wood.

For those who are still in a fury over this, you just remember that when a Muslim is raping you or the Chicoms invade and bash your family's head in, that they are Obama's and the cartel's pets too, and they simply let them out of the pen, and you have absolutely no right to fight back, and if you do, you are the criminal.

That is what this Trump 2016 election was all about in the right to fight back and not end up like LaVoy Finicum.

..........and odds are those going berzerk over these deer running dogs, are the same ones who cheered when the police state murdered LaVoy Finicum with his hands in the air.

Who protects the deer in the woods, when Americans can not, and the police state is not around, and deer can not dial 911?
Come on Solomon, give an answer, unless your bigotry is unveiled in you really do not care about innocent animals like deer.

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Piz Zag Ate

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you recognize the code words?

Piz Zag Ate

Code words really are what the eye sees and does not see hidden in plain sight.

Piz Zag Ate is not a snack


See anything yet?

PIZZAGATE look more familiar?

When pizzagate first surfaced in the campaign, I checked it and found the posts about Podesta emails a far reach.

Last night was fun

As someone asked me about this, I will provide my assessment of what it looks like.

Are there intelligence operations which piggyback off of real intelligence agencies to create things for the cartel? Absolutely.
Do they involve cults, live exercises and pervert traps to gain leverage? Absolutely.

Are there sub operational groups who conduct operations? Absolutely.

Are there factions which have agendas and practice very public implication of individuals or groups and infuse networks of MOG's to direct information to the masses for direction and misdirection? Absolutely.

Let us review some information:

Beginning with Clinton bims associate David Brock, the very homosexual hatchet fag who entertains a great deal of Soros funding to brainwash people, who links to the main contact in Pizzagate, because Brock is a sexual partner of the man, as filed in court documents and covered by FOX.

He countersued to get his $850,000 back, plus $500,000 for each of three counts of alleged blackmail, and another $2 million in compensatory damages based in part on what Brock’s lawyers called abuse of the judicial system and legal fees.
Grey, who relocated to Massachusetts, declined to comment when contacted by Brock and Alefantis remain in Washington, where Brock has released a new book attacking Fox News. He is also under scrutiny from several members of Congress amid reports Media Matters for America is in possible violation of IRS laws governing nonprofits.
James Alefantis manages Comet Ping Pong, which is the Pizza link in this, which eludes to all of the double entendre which appeared online from "experts" stating all of these words have double meaning and of course Podesta was sexting about being a pedo to his other pedos in code.

There are numbers of pictures and links on the Millenium Report, which did a very thorough job in posting a number of links in this, along with numbers of disturbing sex photos which are never appearing here and linking photos in Birther Hussein playing ping pong with a white boy.

There is also from Breitbart's account, and of course dead men tell no tales, it adds luster to the intrigue of the story, as now Andrew Breitbart was murdered for this.....a month later after it was post, and of course not what he was really speaking about which would bring down the Obama regime, three days before Breitbart's demise.

In another tweet Breitbart alleged that Media Matters For America, a liberal think tank closely linked to John Podesta, was covering up underage sex slave operations.
Breitbart had attempted to call out Media Matters for covering up “underage sex slave operations” that connected back to Planned Parenthood. Media Matters is a company founded by David Brock, who is the ex boyfriend of James Alefantis – the same Alefantis who owns Comet Ping Pong, the D.C. establishment at the epicenter of the pizzagate investigation.

The above appears damning, and yet it could be speaking of using underage black children as abortion producers, who might be having their fetal parts sold to keep Hillary Clinton youthful.

There has been though information from the satanic cultists that Planned Parenthood is a front for sex rituals and human sacrifice.

I am not going into the details of Franklin in Nebraska as this was covered here, and has now become a by word again across the fringe media, nor am I going into a discussion of these linked operations of regime funded fronts as that is all there, and has nothing to do with the assessment of what pizzagate is.

All of this looks like someone is running an operation for leverage and distraction to obtain something they want. Wants can be payback, wants can be favors, wants can be power, wants can be money, wants can be all of the above and more.

As you are looking at the principles in this, you can see the names which always link in John Podesta and David Brock. These two have upset some group and this group is retaliating. Could it be cover for Pedo Island in the Clintons payback?

Does the story matter, or the payback and reasoning? Not really, because we have before us real operations by the cartel to make raping children legal. See it is like Obama good terrorists and bad terrorists, in the public is being conditioned now about these bad pedos abusing innocent pizza ping pong eaters and the "good" pedos who do the same things as the bad pedos, but bad pedos are competition to the powerful pedos and of course they must be eliminated  and you of course will be given the black and white decision of good and evil, just like Obama sodomy is good and God sodomy is bad.

So  the assessment is, someone is pointing out interesting things with Brock and Podesta to get the attention of the circle around Podesta and Brock who are involved in interesting situations.

As former CIA Director Bill Colby said before he was neutralized, we all know this bad stuff is going on, but we are not in positions to stop it. It therefore is the realm of tit for tat about this for that, and those who are paid to post this information to communicate a message.

Nuff Said


What is Mike Pence's Price to be the 46th President of these Trump States of America

File:Spiro Agnew.jpg

As another Lame Cherry exclusive  in matter anti matter.

I have concerns about President Donald Trump incessant praise of Mike Pence as a good guy and a good choice, considering that these suppressed media realities are glaring:

  1. Mike Pence in crimes literally almost cost Donald Trump the election in a Federal  Appeals Court named him specifically as being involved in illegalities in embezzling money.
  2. Mike Pence has betrayed Mr. Trump repeatedly in attacking Mr. Trump as immoral or rebuffing Mr. Trump's defense of him as "what Pence likes in being booed at Hamilton fag musicals".
  3. Mike Pence has been getting rid of Trump loyalists for his own loyalists, in preparation of Mike Pence as President with his Big Koch agenda.

This is why it is not advisable for Donald Trump to keep being captured on digitals stating what a good guy Mike Pence is, because in scandals, those words are used by Democrats to make you a criminal enabler and to drive you out of office.

I would like to be able to link Mike Pence to a man the liberals like to insist is one of the worst Vice President's in history in Spiro Agnew, but the problem with Vice President Agnew, is that he really was a good Conservative from Maryland, and quite a brilliant communicator.

The problem with Spiro Agnew is he was popular with Conservatives and Republicans while Richard Nixon was not. The problem with Mr. Agnew was that Richard Nixon wanted him off the ticket, but kept him on, but the conspirators who went after Richard Nixon, had to first replace Agnew with Gerald Ford a cartel man, so when Nixon was impeached, another insider would be President.
That is where Spiro Agnew got into trouble, because all of these leaks started appearing, showing his "crimes", crimes which every politician from Hubert Humphrey to Richard Nixon to Barack Obama are engaged in, in money coming in to prosper them that should not be coming in, and that is how Spiro Agnew was destroyed, the Conservative icon. Nixon wanted him gone, the cartel ran a CIA operation to make him gone, and Richard Nixon got what he wanted when White House Chief of Staff Al Haig told Agnew, "Go quietly, or else".
Spiro Agnew later wrote that he knew it meant they were going to assassinate him.

The last public smear of Vice President Agnew took place with Mr. Agnew exposing the Jewish control of American press and politics, with the reality that the Jews did not treat Christians in the Israeli state with any rights.
The mistreatment of Christians in the Israeli state has not changed in 40 years. Jewish Christians can not immigrate, they have to hide their Christian status, and they are less than Muslims in the Jewish state. Christians had better treatment and protection under Assad in Syria and Hussein in Iraq, before Bush fam and Obama fam blew everything up, and the genocide of Christians began in the Mideast, with the continued persecution of Christians in the Israeli state.

he briefly reentered the public spotlight and engendered controversy with what Gerald Ford publicly criticized as "unsavory remarks about Jews" and anti-Zionist statements that called for the United States to withdraw its support for the state of Israel, citing Israel's allegedly bad treatment of Christians.

Israel could have solved all of it's population and territorial problems if they simply allowed Christians to immigrate and settle. Instead America has billions of dollars in welfare to a state that treats Christians badly, and yet only the Muslims get noticed due to the Oil Soaked Terror Press. 

So I have a great deal of respect for Vice President Agnew who was a victim as was Dan Quayle for smears, because the powers that be, wanted a Conservative gone.

That is why linking or mentioning the real crimes of Mike Pence in the same realm of Spiro Agnew, is not something I readily do, but the issue is too important in the reality of history repeating itself, and the issue of what happens with Big Koch or the liberals decide that Mike Pence is expendable on gay issues, on aborticide and on the real issue of Pence accepting federal money and then not completing the contract of settling terrorists in Indiana?
That means impeachment as another attack upon President Donald Trump. It is the exact way that Richard Nixon was set up and softened up for his impeachment coup.

There is now in addition the hidden "action paper" which Pence has not made public and is causing a legal firestorm in more politicians are hiding their emails so the public can not ascertain what these corrupt politicians are doing against the will of the people.
Whatever is in that paper that Pence is hiding, is a reality that those who have it, can use it to leverage and blackmail Mike Pence to do things. Is this the basis of Trump Trans going leftist, in Mike Pence is being blackmailed to give bad information to Donald Trump, and is  this why the GOPliters installed Mike Pence, because they knew he could be blackmailed over issues like this.

It all comes down to the NPR report by Nina Totenberg on October 6th which exposed all of this, but was suppressed by the entire Never Trump and Molotov Media. The question is why, why, why???
The question is why did Tim McCain not bring this up in the debate as it would have been devastated to Mike Pence for the public to hear that Republican Conservative Justices condemned him, and called him a crook, as Pence was involved in illegalities.
Has the fix been in this long, in Mike Pence is the cartel ringer to subvert Donald Trump, and this story was suppressed so Pence would have to "pay up later" at every Big Koch and Hillary Clinton juncture?

See we do not know any of this, because Mike Pence has hidden the evidence, and all we know is Mike Pence was called a crook and has been doing nothing but submarining Donald Trump for months.

So it looks like a Pence, acts like a Pence, it's a Pence.

What intrigue are we looking at? The promised David Brooks posting from the Times in Donald Trump will be impeached in the first year or removed with a toe tag? Mike Pence is certainly setting himself up for the Presidency with "his team" entirely in place. A team that looks to be installed by Mike Pence being a traitor to the Right or Mike Pence is being blackmailed in this action against the Presidency.

Spiro Agnew was loyal even unto death in President Richard Nixon. He was loyal before election and loyal as Vice President. I simply can not find one instance that Mike Pence has been loyal to Donald Trump, because every time something was generated in the smear press, there was Mike Pence undercutting President Trump, the same way Mike Pence is undercutting Donald Trump's agenda and Cabinet picks.

The reason all of these people are gone from Chris Christie to Sarah Palin, is Mike Pence and Jared Kurshner, and now cemented in place are Reince Priebus to all these leakers undermining Donald Trump as President.
Seriously, Katrina Pierson was the go to gal at the start of all of this, and now she has vanished, instead of having a prominent position as a reward, and instead we have these non stop Trump bashers or the silent clutter who did not help the Trump campaign in the least.

I was under the impression that Donald Trump rewarded loyalty, but his loyalty seems to be to Kurschner and Pence, and neither of these two are promoting the America which Spiro Agnew stood for and was destroyed for.

Mike Pence looks like the same Al Gore politician who votes for or against aborticide by who is paying the check. Pence was against sodomy because Big Koch was funding the issue for their divisiveness to America and Mike Pence had his hand out for money when it came to terrorists, but then changed his mind about that too when a bigger prize came on the scales.

The Presidency is a very big prize as is the removal of Donald Trump from that office by an insider. What is Mike Pence's price to become the 46th President of these United States.


Joe Biden and the Hackers of 2016

 I suppose you think this just happened in English too 
in Serbia with Joe Biden there in last minute planning

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I believe that after the posting of August 16, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, revealing why both Jared Kurschner and Vice President Joe Biden were both in the Balkans, negotiating with NSA hackers concerning the release of criminal emails from Hillary Clinton's server, it is time to follow up with more information, as the fringe media which is controlled by the Mockingbird fledglings has gone silent on this, as is the case with most Lame Cherry exclusives, as it is an amazing thing how any propaganda will be picked up by them or built upon for the cartel, but things published here go into the shock and awe category of 'How did she know that?'

Ask yourself this, in what would bring the house down quicker pizza pedos, based on stretches of the email imagination, or a real inquiry why Vice President Joe Biden and Jared Kurschner both ended up in the same part of the world, with cover stories,  and the common denominator was hackers.

The best part in this evidence is Joe scrambled brains Biden, going off script in Freudian slip, as his mind tends to do, with this little revelation of what was on his mind;

Biden Embarrasses US, Calls Serbia 'Croatia' On Visit | The ...

... calling Serbia "Croatia."} ... Biden Embarrasses Himself, Calls Serbia 'Croatia' On Diplomatic ... Biden's presence in Serbia now is somewhat ...

Why would Croatia be on Biden's mind? It might be, because that is where the hackers were at, and Joe was in the wrong nation, not making a deal, and someone else was in Bosnia, making the right deal in Jared Kurschner.

“This is not the first time we’ve met … I think we’ve become friends,” Biden said, according to InSerbia. “My visit today is much too short but I believe we’ve accomplished a great deal. The Prime Minister [of Serbia Vucic] and I have got to know each other over the past several years and I mean it sincerely, I along with President Obama respect the leadership you’ve shown in some very tough challenging moments, Mr Prime Minister, and your positive vision for the future of Croatia.”

This is the thing in this, in it was a great deal like the Iranian Hostage Crisis which toppled Jimmy Carter. That was the work of the unemployed CIA agents fired by Jimmy Carter, led by George H. W. Bush, and the stellar  intelligence officer, William Casey.
None of this is new, as Obama's boys were flying around in the summer of 2008, making coke deals in South America and making terror deals in the Mideast, so it is a matter of people being engaged in things, that if they were normal, might just get themselves thrown into jail like Jonathan Pollard.

If you noticed in watching this, the shadow man from the start of all of this has been Jared Kurschner, the Jew. Now one would think with all that anti Jew stuff in the fringe, that Kurschner would be excoriated by the left who hate Trump and the Alt Right who have problems with Shylock, and yet mum is the word on the invisible man.

That looks a great deal like someone who controls information flow is deliberately keeping this from becoming a focal point issue.

The event was not covered here, as I  was not going to do anything to harm President Trump in his election. It is the way things are done, in the cartel cheats, and unless you have someone to cut your deals in a degree of separation as Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy did, you end up losing the election.

The problem in this is God. God won this for Donald Trump. It was God's Christians who brought out the vote, and that includes many Patriot Black Christians, and when the bunting fell, it was Steve Forbes putting Kurschner on Forbes magazine bragging about the Alamo Project, which was about suppressing Black vote turn out and moving Kruz boogers to vote like zombie, and then the son in law was parading around the White House like he owned it, while Mike Pence and him divided up the pie to Neocons and left the Christians standing in the waiting line outside.
That is unacceptable misbehavior and if hijackers of political victories God created desire to be that kind of self centered quislings, then when Jared Kurschner who is begging for attention for his computer codex, because he can not state why he was really in the Balkans, deserves to have full credit, just like Joe Biden, so all of the Truth can come out about Obama hackers.

As Sean Hannity is now praising leftist Julian Assange, how can any of us have anything against hackers. After all, the NSA and FBI can find any computer in the world, until it comes to Anonymous or other assets providing a service to the cartel, that the full story of Emailgate and Wikileaks should be told, like ANALGATE, so that everyone can celebrate and give full credit, instead of hiding behind tales that this is Russian hackers.

So Joe Biden is in a quick flight to Serbia, for no reason that makes sense, and his mind is on Croatia, in what is going on there, while Jared Kurschner and the Mrs. have in the middle of a close campaign with great upheaval, decide to take a vacation in Bosnia on a liberal Clinton supporter yacht with Rupert Murdoch's Chinese ex wife.
All makes perfect sense of course in the cover stories, if you have the IQ of Jill Stein or Gary Johnson voter.

All the Christian Conservatives wanted is what they worked for, respect and God given the credit, and not to be left standing out in the cold night behind barricades.

One never knows what the Holy Ghost is going to Inspire with in coming up with next. Just never know.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thoughts on a Mad Dog


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With another leak to the press in General Mad Dog Mattis being appointed as Secretary of Defense, my thoughts on this are broken down to reality.

The Pentagon needs a reformer, and Sec. Donald Rumsfeld was destroyed by an end around when he attempted to reform this military insider industrial complex.

The US military is now a group of political minder and faggots. It pushes dope on troops to get them to perform and to kill them when they are done with them. There would not be a VA problem if the military had not be mindfucking Soldiers for 2 decades now.

President Trump apparently had one objective in killing ISIS and letting Russia do it. As ISIS is an Obama McCain Graham terror oil group, that should not be hard. Mad Dog should be able to drone Graham and McCain though on Capitol Hill to end those two chiefs reign of terror.

There is the problem that the US military has degraded to shooting LaVoy Finicum and assassinating bad terrorists who would not deal dope for Obama, while protecting good terrorists who rape little children and sell oil as poppy fields are protected.

Mattis does not believe in torture as it does not accomplish anything in his view. It would be wonderful if an expert could have a go at the new Secretary as in a few days they could have him praising allah.

In any event, Mad Dog is better than traitor Mitt Romney or cunt licker Patreaus. He does not need to negotiate to not start a war, and only has to prepare to win them. That means booting these faggots out and the political minders. I doubt that will be undertaken, and what will be undertaken is building overt systems that are expensive to hide even more expensive covert systems to win wars.

As stated, this old man is about as good as we can expect with Mike Pence geared to handing out Treasury payments to reward the Big Koch conglomerates who were cut off in the Obama pie for the Birther's cronies.

Still have not witnessed on Christian appointed to a high post, only these moderates that pass the Pence test.

Talking shit might make you an officer, but it don't make you a leader.

- Lame Cherry

 Tell us what military Special Agent Gregory Bretzing had deployed in Oregon to murder LaVoy Finicum, Mr. Secretary and I might believe you are more than what shows up on Navy boats.

Nuff Said


The Elite Daily

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is this story who the British UK Daily Mail paid like 26 million dollars for an e site, which is losing money, and has on staff nothing but literal fucking morons.

As you can see in the above photo, the one half breed really likes a high paid job doing nothing, in he flips the bosses off on camera.

I was most interested by this millennial group though in how tribal they are just like in school. You have in the middle for fascinating reasons all the good looking chicas with long hair, who have the "sex is my promise" look if you hire them, so they can torment all the other fucking retards which surround them.

It is obvious that 95% of the morons in this photo do not work and have no respect for work as they can not even appear at work, dressed like they are all shitards.

This group is the one of about 6 white people, who seem to be the ones who do all the work. The rest are surfing porn, or taking porn picks and posting them on the Chive.

So my advice to Daily Mail for a big donation is to fire the whole fucking bunch, except for those 6.....well keep the good looking white girls around to get coffee and tea, and for morale if they show more leg and cleavage, but the rest send out to the Obama streets and from that hire a few people who actually can do thought processes without the word "Ummm" in know non millennials. Preferable fat old white guys as they always write the best the reason all media sucks shit now, is all of the Sol Sanders and Jack Germandes are too few and far between.

Any way, this is worthless, except I was stunned that like Snapple a big company purchased them and did not know it was all Limbaugh zombie sales. You can not buy an online site which Facebook is generating as it is all fraud.

Zuckerberg belongs in jail over all of this, as 26 million is allot to blow on these fucktard millennials.

Either you got it from God or you do not.

I would still sell the Lame Cherry for 26 million and 27 cents, because you always have to go for the higher sale price as that is what matters in buzz.

Nuff Said