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How does a Muppet become Hannibal Lecter

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following story concerns the son of an accomplished Canadian family, who were Olympians, heiresses and multi millionaires, and described as the essence of normalcy. The two sons, both would appear in California, to great success, one in real estate and the other in entertainment. This examination focuses upon the latter, Blake Leibel in the events of how does an associate of Mel Brooks in comedy, a creator of cartoons, become a creator of blood fiction, to become the author of one of thee most heinous and gruesome crimes, in his first apparent act.

Blake Leibel after finding success with Space Balls with Mel Brooks, would join others in a fictional novel, called Syndrome, in which a doctor at a mental clinic was said to discover the source of evil in the brain. The cover of the book, available on Amazon is disturbing in the pedophile nature of the doll portrayed with a black brain lobotomy, being exposed.
Hints are there in Blake Leibel, to his stating that everyone is a monster, but the events which transpired, because the reality a homicide equal to Silence of the Lambs. 

From the best of families, especially Canadians, who are a people known for their being accommodating and generous would appear a monster in California.

You certainly knew when the Leibels were in the room but the vibe was nothing but positive.
“I don’t think I have ever met a nicer man than Lorne,” said retired Toronto restauranteur Bigliardi who said Leibel and his family were “perhaps his best customers” in his 40 years of running a steak house in his own name on Church Street. “This guy is a pure gentleman. First class.”
Generous with the waiters and with charitable endeavours, Bigliardi said his impression of Lorne, his sons Cody and Blake and their late mother who died of cancer, was nothing but positive.

What transpired up to this event was a Slavic girl named Iana Kasian, who was living with Leibel, became pregnant. She would deliver the child, and in this period, Leibel would be charged and arrested for felony rape in California.
Kasian would move out of their apartment in with her mother and child.
The events which followed, were due to Iana Kasian responding to a phone call when Leibel was released from jail, to come over and discuss the situation.


Iana Kasian

There is only the autopsy report to piece together what took place in part when Kasian and her child arrived at the apartment. We know for certain  that she was bitten on the jaw.

We know for certain that she was bludgeoned with a blunt object to the skull.

We know for certain that a knife was utilized to surgically cut her hair at the base of her skull.

We know for certain that the scalp was removed, in a most violent way, as it was partially ripped from her head. The scalp has never been discovered in what Leibel disposed of it or trophy preserved it.

We know for certain that Kasian's right ear was ripped off, along with part of the right side of her face.

We know for certain that parts of her face were removed.

We know for certain that all of her blood was drained from her body, as was the case in the creative works which Leibel had written and drawn.


 Crime Scene Photo

In this, Kasian's mother reported her daughter missing when she did not return home by the next day. Police arrived at the scene, where Leibel had used furniture to barricade the door. Police discovered Kasian laying in bed, with her  2 month old child, unharmed, laying beside her.

Leibel "Cartoon"

Blake Leibel started his entertainment carer working on Space Balls for Mel Brooks, where he learned to direct animation and tell jokes. It was during his time working in the video game market that Blake Leibel came up with the idea of United Free Worlds. This is his first time writing  a comic series, yet it has been his goal from the start to make this a multiplayer-web-based role playing game from the outset.  Leibel feels confident that it will be in game form in one to two years and would more than likely be adapted for the movies.

He is also writing a second graphic novel coming out next year called Syndrome. It will be published by Archaia and all he would let on about it, was it was about a doctor who is in charge of a mental institution who does every thing he can to fix them. Leibel went  on to say there were a lot of twist and  turns but wouldn't give away any of the surprises, however, he did say it would be a very interesting cat and mouse event.

Without interviews, forensic psychology can only produce a conclusion based on patterns. It appears in this scenario that Leibel was transforming in his macabre work in a devilish window opened inside of him. His mother had died previously, and into this the pregnant Kasian, became some type of surrogate to the family lost. Whatever the relationship, Leibel would act out violently in sexual assault while it would seem deprived of Kasian's body for relief.
Kasian leaving Leibel due to the rape, deduces she was unaware, and had morals, but trusted Leibel to return to him, to hear his side of the story.
This is the blank spot in this, of the story, for what followed appears that Kasian did not accept the explanation for rape, and it is likely she stated it was over, and the child would never be around a rapist father.

There was rage in the attack on Kasian, and it would indicate Leibel attempted to rape Kasian in the bite marks, and then bludgeoned her in rejection, or bludgeoned her and in the hours or days of the torture, bit her.
As no indications were noted of bondage, it leads to indicate that Kasian was a dissection experiment in rage with her incapacitation. That once started, Leibel appears to have been aroused by the attack as he was in creating these scenes, and continued on more rage gratification and brutality, and once satiated, he recreated the family unit, by returning the child to be with the mother unharmed. Unharmed because the child represented Leibel in innocence.

Leibel was barricaded in the apartment in denial. He gave up without struggle, as Dr. Jekyl reappeared in Mr. Hyde had been satiated.

This case is of interest as it appears that like pornography, or the continuation of children killing animals and graduating to people, that being engaged in Hollywood culture, with a degradation to the niche culture of the worship of the psychotic, that this awakened inside Leibel, and that being groomed in his psyche, unleashed events of rampage on Iana Kasian.

It is the couching of evil that a muppet becomes a Hannibal Lecter. What does not fit in with normal FBI forensic patterns though is that Leibel was so heinously thorough and adept, as if this was a video game he had been practicing in his head. In normal sequence of abnormal misbehavior there are years of trial and error, of harming animals, rage against women in rape, domination and then murder, with fetish twist and trophy. Leibel instead transformed from felony rape to one of thee most sadistic of murders, which devolved by leaps and bounds over the hours. This is not typical of this type of murder profile. To go from blunt force rage trauma, to scalping by knife and tearing of the hair, as the defining feature of a woman, and then when life ceases to drain all the blood from a cadaver, is one of homicide to premeditated murder.

It is one of thee most troubling cases in human psychosis in resident evil, couched in the heart, rehearsed in the mind and absolutely not discerned by society or those around Leibel.

There is a point in this that as pornography, that society should begin paying attention in this psychotic world, just what is manifesting in the cartoon world, and those attracted to it.
I have noted some disturbing image transformations in "super heroes" in which gone are the days are the boyish charm of Adam West as Batman.


American Icon - Good Guy Batman
........and the neo Batman is pure sinister, black costumed, pointed features and terrifying.  This is by design, as everything children are exposed to from the Neo Star Trek is nothing compared to William Shatner's Star Trek.


 Sinister transformation of American Psycho

What used to be super heroes promoting all good things in America, are now dark and sinister and actually seeking to destroy Americans.

It has come to a point where these are not associations children should be exposed to, and it is a reality that in the case of Blake Leibel, and other adults, that these creations are warning signs that a darkness is inside and can be triggered in thee most heinous of ways.

The West is no longer a Christian based mindset with perimeters which formed boundaries to protect most unbalanced people from acting out in destructive ways. When this religion of resistance permeates culture and is amplified in a din from Hollywood, appearing in protests on football fields of imagined events, it begins manifesting in violence as there is no God in that darkness to stop it.

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Why is the Deep State taking off the Societal Safety Valves?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As you have missed this.........

In ancient Rome, the ruling elite provided the games, the butchery of Christians, to bleed off the furor of the slave class and the furor of the exploited merchant class, so that a revolution would not rise up.

Nero in the infamous, fiddling while Rome burned, was actually a brilliant gambit, in he blamed the Christians as a scapegoat, while burning Rome down himself with his deep state, in order to accomplish a shock therapy to the masses.
The poor do not riot when sitting in cinders, fighting rats for scraps of food and the merchant classes do not fund revolution, when the little money they have is needed to rebuild their lives.

That is why in the 1900's, when the American frontier ran out, and there was no more west young man to go to with rifle and traps, that the sissy sports arose in baseball, football, basketball and soccer, to vent off the frustrations of the rats in the cities, so they  stopped trying to burn down Chicago and New York.

It is interesting in America, how the Obama regime in Tavistock started building on the "gangsta nigs" led by Dennis Greene of the Minnesota Vikings twenty years ago, in turning the NFL into the Pink Ribbon and Fag Boy indoctrination, as the American simply was refusing to be sodomized.
ESPN learned that viewers simply turned things off, and when the nigs of the NFL started Resistance Two in 2017, it was all to be accepted in treachery and treason was to educate Americans that their Flag, Nation and Anthem was evil.

What amazes me in this is how this Union of Millionaires, as that is what the NFL is, it is a Union of multi millionaires, owned by billionaire leftists, actually think being united against America for Obamerica is something America is going to accept after the results of November 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

I have stated the example of Roseanne Barr, doing a comedy routine in singing the National Anthem and then grabbed her crotch like baseball players adjusted their cup protector. She thought it would  be funny, but fans did not.
She was at the top of her television career then, but she immediately lost 15% of her audience. That might not sound that much, but when you are a powerhouse and lose 15% market share, your ABC bosses start noticing the drop in ad revenues, and as Roseanne had been ranting with Tom Arnold at execs, the execs bided their time, until Roseanne through the attrition which followed, was booted from ABC.

So you will comprehend this, as the NFL does not, the NFL by it's fake games of the past 5 years, along with their pussy pins, and now protests, had lost 20% of it's audience. Take this example, in a normal work environment, you have 10 people. 5 people were rabid football, 2 were aware of the games, and 3 could care less. The 5 always talk football, so the 3 would be aware and in big games would sit down and watch.
The NFL has reached a point where, like the NBA and Baseball, that a minority of workers are not standing around talking about the game. It is now 3 people talking, and the other 7 are the ones making commentary about a stupid game and they gave up the NFL due to all this anti American crap.

Personally in this, I stopped watching the NFL almost 5 years ago. TL happened to have a Steelers game on one day in passing and I looked at it, and I was stunned, because this was no longer football. It was scrimmage ball. The players are not even playing any more, as none of these millionaires want to get hurt, and they are protecting the system in this fraud NFL.
The game has changed in being a fake WWE event.

As you read the headlines below, I desire you to review the above in thinking, "The cartel tried to use the NFL to socially engineer right wing America to black wing America leftism", and it failed.


Are you still thinking about how football, the Roman circus was used? Have you begun pondering the reality in now the NFL and all professional sports are no longer being used to try and psychologically repress people to leftism, but that the NFL is now engaged in attempting to trigger societal upheaval?

That is what is taking place. Fans are no longer using sports as an outlet. That means anger in society is deliberately being built. We have the old Obama Nigs against Crackers being driven home by the NFL by deliberate design.
We have one hero standing for the National Anthem with the fans, while dozens of traitors cowardly hide in the locker room, while the Black coach berates the Patriot.

The deep state is upticking this one more octave to create societal violence in America, and the question is why is it engaged in this at this point.


Coach Upset Army Vet Didn't Protest...

Quickly Becomes Best-Selling Player in NFL...

This is what has been missed by everyone in this. The safety outlet of society from the Roman era has been removed from America, after it was built into place by the ruling elite. These are touchstone moments and the elite are striking flintstones to make sparks to ignite societal upheaval.

Personally, it would please me to see affirmative action diploma bearers out on the street, with the NFL collapsing, where they could be engaged in something they are qualified for, like prison with the millions of other Black men incarcerated as the jobs were all handed over to women. There is something though that does bother me, in the NFL is an industry. There are people though who make their living as vendors and they have a big cash outlay in trying to make enough money to live on for the 5 months of the football season, as much as baseball and basketball vendors do. With all of these NFL millionaires taking knees and locking arms, I have noticed that none of these rich people give a thought about people who really have to work for a living.
All of this NFL unity, I am wondering where the Blacks were in protesting for Whites being hounded by the Obama regime at the IRS in the Tea Party? Where was any protest over terrorism? Where was any protest when Obama policy ruined Black businessmen? It only matters to the NFL when these obnoxious millionaires, think they can smart off to police, and the cops do not like it, and treat them like the diamond studded thugs they are.

All of that is a side issue, as the real issue is the deep state has taken off the safety release valve in American society for the reason of causing conflict in the streets. When they take your bread away from terror act or from your investments disappear, then it would seem a crackdown would appear.

As Mr. President is leading this, it appears that this is not a random issue, as he picked a political issue as a game changer to distract from his failures. All of the parties are involved in this, and they are expecting an emotional over reaction, which the overlords will react to with the police state.

I will not be drawn into this, as I left the circus years ago. I would suggest that each of you do the same thing, as it appears a new phase of America burning to fiddle tunes is being constructed. I will neither dance nor join in to the manipulation.

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You Still Need the Obamacare Waiver

Have you got your Waiver?
You mean the Trump Plan did not work?


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is important for those of you with money, who thought that Donald Trump waved his magic Tweet and exempted you from Obamacare penalties. That is not the case and when you file your income taxes, unless you have  a WAIVER, you are going to get nailed.

Remember in this in how the Bundy's got nailed on things years ago, and how the IRS nails people on their taxes 7 years ago, that unless there is a law that says the Mandate is repealed, that mandate is there, and some politician in the future is like Bill Clinton in Retro Active Taxes, going to come back and nail you, because you did not have the Waiver.

I went through the process again, thanks to Mr. President, as he never had any intention of repealing Obamacare, as it was all the same Gary Cohn rapine of taking a trillion dollars out of the economy for the corporates again in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord.

You have to be on the HEALTHCARE.GOV, site and not the other ones which come up in search engines. It has to be the Government Site.


Once there you will need the Hardship Exemptions Page.


I tried the FIND EXEMPTIONS, but that to me seemed a waste of time, but you can click on that first link if you are so inclined.

This is the link I went to from the original page:


Download the health coverage exemption form

I seem to remember this was all so much easier last year in just a few clicks, but this year under Mr. President it seems like they are trying to hide the forms and make it confusing.

It appears the same as last year in each of the exemption categories, but it seemed the hardship one for expenses in taking care of a parent was a bit less pronounced this year as they do not list that one, but that one is in the top form.
It is more confusing as they have two other forms for affordability exemptions in a number of states.

This is the reason you started in August and not in December.

You have to provide proof of your expenses. I provided 5 examples of monthly, weekly and yearly expenses for an elderly parent.

With that you fill out the form, and will need Adobe for that on your computer. This year it automatically listed me as the person, but every time I checked it, it would not check it, so I had to mark it with a pen when it printed up.
I use a digital camera to take pictures of bills, and then USB port them into this laptop to trim down and take off any information like a credit card number which you do not want on anything going through the mail.

After I fill out the form, I copy it to a flash drive, along with all of my expenses I include in bills, with DATES and NAMES on them. As I do not have a printer, that means going to the library, plugging in the flashdrive, and printing it, which took a bit this year as things were not centered properly.
25 cents a copy so it cost about 2 bucks to print everything up.

I know the problem of personal information even on library printers, but I am in an impossible situation, so it is that chance or not. I close everything out, and all is what it is in clean on the public computer. I unplug the flash drive, check the forms, sign them and go home.

I do one additional thing in I include a cover letter to explain what each bill is. By the Grace of God, I must be doing something right as I have never had any problems with getting calls looking to explain things.

It says in 3 weeks you should get your exemption. Mine took a few days longer. You have to keep that in your records, as it has a personal exemption number for you on that paper, and that has to go on your income taxes.

This is a rough outline of what to do. This is more a reminder to just not trust Mr. President and Tweets, as in the legal world, Trump means absolutely nothing as the IRS has a mandate and they have to collect taxes, when the GOP keeps Obamacare around.
You have to have an exemption for 2017, as that is on the official website of the government. They would not have that information on there, if that was not the case.

Donald Trump's word means nothing, nor does a non fill in spoken of, because you know someone is going to be coming after people for those taxes and penalties some year down the road, as that is the way it always works.

So you have been reminded, again that Mr. President's word means nothing, absolutely nothing in promises, as the Healthcare site is still putting the waiver information up, and making it a bit more difficult to find, so perhaps you should be saving yourself future problems, by getting things done now.

Oh and you will notice that the poor girl Lame Cherry is the only one warning you of this. No billionaire Limbaugh, no millionaire Hannity and no Ivanka, as all of these rich people have their policies and it never occurs to them what millions of real Americans  have to go through in being screwed around again by these liars in the regime branches of this police state.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

People Would Do Better To Go Back To Their Dream

Liz Stewart

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is not about Liz Stewart, who was one of  my favorite centerfolds in she photographed well.

This is about coming across another centerfold named Angela Melini, who if memory serves me, a decade ago she was speaking about Christian things and it was between God and her in the life she chose.


I came across her on Twitter, and while Liz Stewart never updates anything, Angela Melini is having an hour by hour conversation apparently with Donald Trump.
I feel compassion for Ms. Melini as she defines herself as a feminist and proud democrat as part of the resistance.

The thing that puzzles me always is the Truth. Readers will note that this blog has done more to electing Donald Trump and more to stop his incorrect policies in exposing the numerous problems they would have on all Americans. I did this with Birther Hussein and performed the same service for Bush43.

I had given up on politics in 2015 as it was all conglomerate purchased globalists and I was not going to waste my energy in supporting the fraud that is global control over America. The only reason politicians appear on this blog is to explain to others who will have their eyes opened, so they are not led into the abyss.

That is what is again the revelation about Ms. Melini, as I was of her understanding before too. In her posts, she quotes Bill Clinton who raped women and cheated on his wife. That is odd for a feminist to support, but that type of tunnel vision has been droned on by Rush Limbaugh for decades and pointing those things out to intelligent readers, is wasted space.

The one thing I would that every leftist understood is that if Hillary Clinton had stolen  this, if Jeb Bush had stolen this, if it was Ted Cruz, Jill Stein or whatever else was lying to the public for 1600 Penn, is the fact that we would have exactly the same situations, except it would be Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell lying to their voters about crooked Hillary or Jill Stein.
There would be the same hearings, same Robert Mueller, same North Korea, same Russian threat, same US tanks invading Poland, same friction with China, and the same stock market rise,  same Obamacare non repeal, exact tax cuts from Hillary Clinton and the same NFL kneeling down in race problems.

It was all the same scenario and it plays by the cartel no matter who is plugged in and being played.

Personally, I would love to be as well off as Angela Melini and have the time she has to tweet, because if I did,  I would not be on this blog warning people, and instead be off living life, waiting for Jesus to return and instead posting regularly the same Prophetic things to help people find some peace from God in this life.

I realize that life here is about God growing us in His image, instead of us trying to make God into our image, but I think about my Uncle in almost dying and then not wasting a moment of the next 10 years of his life, before cancer took him, in how short life is. How you blink and 10 years have passed. How I was utilized by God to bring about the things being worked out now.
I realize that if I was drowning that I would take a rope Hillary Clinton threw at me, and that if Angela Melini had problems with her children, she would gladly accept Donald Trump's help if it made a difference.

I think of people like Angela Melini thinking their resistance made the difference in stopping Donald Trump, but were never aware that the time line God had me create and which this resistance has shattered, was one of a Christian peace between Russia and America, who would become so powerful, that it would drain the energy from the anti Christ, and have neutralized Asia, to saved billions of lives. That has all now been shattered and the matrix has generated the old time line which will bring about the Biblical promised end.

Donald Trump had one purpose and that was to lessen the blows on the world. I had hoped for more, but that will not be, as I will not construct a time line by God's design as humanity is ignorant and will shatter it in being deceived again.

There is one thing I am certain of in all of this, and that is for those who survive, they are going to long for a day where  they could walk in green grass  and a warm sun, and wonder why they wasted so much of their lives on things that never mattered.

I would be walking in the grass if I was not stuck doing this by God's design. I was so moved, because I never wanted this stage and just wanted to be a nobody. I would that people would stop doing things they would regret, which hurts them, but they are so sucked into this drama in feeling insecure that they will not let go.

If people would just read how they are wasting their time, on Twitter all day, angry, and then taking a pill to pass out, that is not what 30 years ago, if they asked themselves what they would be doing now, they would say is their dream come true.

People would do better to go back to their dream.

  1. Dear NFL players, please go to Puerto Rico and kneel to trick into focusing on what the fuck he should be focusing on.
  2. Wish Ivanka Trump would just go back to ripping off 'real' designers shoes & handbags! Tired of seeing & hearing her fakeness!
  3. Angela Melini Retweeted Ivanka Trump
    Let me say = 'are a disgrace', to (this country = "signed") { America!
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