Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Ant Catalogue

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

ANT in the NSA stands for Access Network Technology, and is run out of TAO, or Tailored Access Operations, and what it basically all means is, someone who appears terrified that Hillary Clinton is going to steal the US elections is going to murder them, and has been releasing the hacking tools of the NSA trolls who have been writing script and creating doors into everything that has a computer chip in them or electric current running through them.

There is a partial list on Wiki of the ANT group, and what stands out for me personally is, this is not the big picture which has been developed, but ANT with the intelligence community has been creating doors through BIOS, or the basic brain stem onto a computer, so it will not appear in normal virus scans.

The second revelation which leaps out at me, is the NSA  has technology to construct images or reverse programming from simply sensing the systems which the program is in contact with.
Literally with radar sweeps, your computer or cell phone can be swept and activated. Charles R. Smith mentioned this taking place in car alarms being activated by these radars in mass at parking lots. ANT confirms all of this, and it explains how computers, phones and television keep turning on and off mysteriously.

Again Mr. Smith states the FBI operates surveillance aircraft all across America, flying in loops which gather up all cell phone and wifi signals. Again, this is FBI sensing in reacting to ping signals from uplinks, but the activation and deactivation of devices, is radar related and this is a completely different animal.

The information below is over a decade old. This means all of your wonderful security systems have already been compromised.  The much touted Protonmail is about as secure as ...........well you might as well send the NSA a closed copy as that is what your are doing as the intelligence community is already in that network too, as it is in every encrypted network. That is why Proton went down when I signed up for it.

I am going to leave this at that explanation, as I have had nothing but "lags" in everything from my emails to sites freezing today. I have company on high speed as the popular girl finally has filtered to humans from the artificials on the Dick Allgire remote viewing leads.

Just lovely.

    The NSA ANT document contains codeword references to hardware and software surveillance technology available to the NSA.[18]
    1. BULLDOZER: Technology that creates a hidden wireless bridge allowing NSA personnel to remotely control a system wirelessly.[15][19]
    2. CANDYGRAM: A $40,000 tripwire device that emulates a GSM cellphone tower.

  2. COTTONMOUTH: (see image at right) A family of modified USB and Ethernet connectors that can be used to install Trojan horse software and work as wireless bridges, providing covert remote access to the target machine.[20] COTTONMOUTH-I is a USB plug that uses TRINITY as digital core and HOWLERMONKEY as RF transceiver. Cost in 2008 was slightly above $1M for 50 units.
  3. COTTONMOUTH-II is deployed in a USB socket (rather than plug), and costs only $200K per 50 units, but requires further integration in the target machine to turn into a deployed system.
  4. COTTONMOUTH-III is a stacked Ethernet and USB plug costing approximately $1.25M for 50 units.
  5. CROSSBEAM is "a GSM communications module capable of collecting and compressing voice data" [21]
  6. CTX4000: Continuous wave radar device that can ""illuminate" a target system for recovery of "off net" information.[22]
  7. CYCLONE-HX9 - GSM Base Station Router
  8. DEITYBOUNCE: Technology that installs a backdoor software implant on Dell PowerEdge servers via the motherboard BIOS and RAID controller(s).[23][24]
  9. DROPOUTJEEP: "A software implant for the Apple iPhone that utilizes modular mission applications to provide specific SIGINT functionality. This functionality includes the ability to remotely push/pull files from the device. SMS retrieval, contact list retrieval, voicemail, geolocation, hot mic, camera capture, cell tower location, etc. Command, control and data exfiltration can occur over SMS messaging or a GPRS data connection. All communications with the implant will be covert and encrypted."[8]
  10. EBSR is a "tri-band active GSM base station with internal 802.11/GPS/handset capability" [25]
  12. FEEDTROUGH: Software that can penetrate Juniper Networks firewalls allowing other NSA-deployed software to be installed on mainframe computers.[1][9][26]

  14. FIREWALK: (see image at right) A device that looks identical to a standard RJ45 socket that allows data to be injected, or monitored and transmitted via radio technology.[27] using the HOWLERMONKEY RF transceiver. It can for instance create a VPN to the target computer. Cost in 2008: $537K for 50 units.
    • FOXACID: Technology that can install spyware using a "quantum insert" capable of infecting spyware at a packet level. (Not numbered because FOXACID may or may not be part of the NSA ANT catalog; sources differ.)
  16. GINSU: Technology that uses a PCI bus device in a computer, and can reinstall itself upon system boot-up.[28]
  17. GOPHERSET: GSM software that uses a phone's SIM card’s API (SIM Toolkit or STK) to control the phone through remotely sent commands.[29]
  18. GOURMETTROUGH: User-configurable persistence implant for certain Juniper Networks firewalls.[22]
  19. HALLUXWATER: Back door exploit for Huawei Eudemon firewalls.[22]
  20. HEADWATER: Persistent backdoor technology that can install spyware using a "quantum insert" capable of infecting spyware at a packet level on Huawei routers.[22]

  22. HOWLERMONKEY: (see image at right) A RF transceiver that makes it possible (in conjunction with digital processors and various implanting methods) to extract data from systems or allow them to be controlled remotely.
  23. IRATEMONK: Technology that can infiltrate the firmware of hard drives manufactured by Maxtor, Samsung, Seagate, and Western Digital.[30]
  24. IRONCHEF: Technology that can "infect" networks by installing itself in a computer I/O BIOS.[15] IRONCHEF includes also "Straitbizarre" and "Unitedrake" which have been linked to the spy software REGIN.[31]
  26. JETPLOW: Firmware that can be implant to create a permanent backdoor in a Cisco PIX series and ASA firewalls.[22]
  27. LOUDAUTO: $30 audio-based RF retro-reflector listening device.[22]

  29. MAESTRO-II: a multi-chip module approximately the size of a dime that serves as the hardware core of several other products. The module contains a 66 MHz ARM7 processor, 4 MB of flash, 8 MB of RAM, and a FPGA with 500,000 gates. Unit cost: $3–4K (in 2008). It replaces the previous generation modules which were based on the HC12 microcontroller.
  30. MONKEYCALENDAR: Software that transmits a mobile phone's location by hidden text message.
  31. NEBULA
  32. NIGHTSTAND: Portable system that wirelessly installs Microsoft Windows exploits from a distance of up to eight miles.[22]
  33. NIGHTWATCH: Portable computer used to reconstruct and display video data from VAGRANT signals; used in conjunction with a radar source like the CTX4000 to illuminate the target in order to receive data from it.
  34. PICASSO: Software that can collect mobile phone location date, call metadata, access the phone’s microphone to eavesdrop on nearby conversations.[29]
  35. PHOTOANGLO: A joint NSA/GCHQ project to develop a radar system to replace CTX4000.[22]
  36. RAGEMASTER: (see image above, right) A concealed $30 device that taps the video signal from a target's computer's VGA signal output so the NSA can see what is on a targeted desktop monitor. It is powered by a remote radar and responds by modulating the VGA red signal (which is also sent out most DVI ports) into the RF signal it re-radiates; this method of transmission is codenamed VAGRANT. RAGEMASTER is usually installed/concealed in the ferrite choke of the target cable. The original documents are dated 2008-07-24. Several receiver/demodulating devices are available, e.g. NIGHTWATCH.[6]
  37. SCHOOLMONTANA: Software that makes DNT implants persistent on JUNOS-based (FreeBSD-variant) J-series routers/firewalls.[22]
  38. SIERRAMONTANA: Software that makes DNT implants persistent on JUNOS-based M-series routers/firewalls.[22]
  39. STUCCOMONTANA: Software that makes DNT implants persistent on JUNOS-based T-series routers/firewalls.[22]
  40. SOMBERKNAVE: Software that can be implanted on a Windows XP system allowing it to be remotely controlled from NSA headquarters.
  41. SOUFFLETROUGH: BIOS injection software that can compromise Juniper Networks SSG300 and SSG500 series firewalls.[22]

  43. SPARROW II: (see image at right) A small computer intended to be used for WLAN collection, including from UAVs. Hardware: IBM Power PC 405GPR processor, 64 MB SDRAM, 16 MB of built-inflash, 4 mini PCI slots, CompactFlash slot, and 802.11 B/G hardware. Running Linux 2.4 and the BLINDDATE software suite. Unit price (2008): $6K.
  44. SURLYSPAWN: Keystroke monitor technology that can be used on remote computers that are not internet connected.
  45. SWAP: Technology that can reflash the BIOS of multiprocessor systems that run FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, or Windows.
  48. TOTEGHOSTLY: Software that can be implanted on a Windows mobile phone allowing full remote control.
  49. TRINITY: (see image at right) A more recent and more powerful multi-chip module using a 180 MHz ARM9 processor, 4 MB of flash, 96 MB of SDRAM, and a FPGA with 1 million gates. Smaller than a penny. Estimated cost (2008) $625K for 100 units.
  50. WATERWITCH: A portable "finishing tool" that allows the operator to find the precise location of a nearby mobile phones.


Will you trust your Life on Hillary Clinton's Health?

 Would you trust your life to depend on this Woman's Health?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We exist in a world where Hillary Clinton, instead of facing reporters and releasing her medical history, goes on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel, where Dr. Kimmel takes her pulse and pronounces the cadaver alive, and Mrs. Clinton mocks Americans with her cackling laugh that her emails are boring.

There is nothing boring about medical doctors and laymen looking at Hillary Clinton and noting that something does not look well with this old woman. Ben Stein, the former President Nixon adviser, who I would really like seeing serve in the Trump Administration, had this to say about Mrs. Clinton and lupus.

I remind readers that when I observe her, she reminds me of people on blood thinners and have an enlarge heart. Everyone can see something is wrong with a woman who in 90 degree heat has on heavy overcoats in she can not get warm. This woman is having problems in her body dealing with her normal body temperature, and that can be brain dysfunction, medications, disease or heart problems.

 “I don’t think she looks well. When you see pictures of her face I hate to say this my poor dear mother had Lupus and she was taking powerful hydrocortisone and Mrs. Clinton looks to me like she’s taking hydrocortisone.”

As Mrs. Clinton thinks her emails are boring, the emails reveal that in 2009, she was fleeing her work, because it was raining. Rain would have nothing to do with a Secretary serving inside a climate controlled building or her home, but it would have to do with lo  pressure weather systems depressing Mrs. Clinton further and making her body ache as she has fluid build up.

This is a RED FLAG email in it indicates Mrs. Clinton is not just inflamed in having an aching body, but she is lethargic in not being able to bring herself to work, and she is suffering from the "blues" due to the weather. Mrs. Clinton is suffering from clinical depression.

In the newly released email, Clinton wrote to Abedin on May 4, 2009:
Do you think we could get a plane for Westchester flight back tonight? It’s going to rain all day and I still don’t feel great so the idea of playing a guessing game w the shuttle is pretty burdensome to me. What do you think? Could be anytime that works for the Air Force.
The email exchange shows that Abedin helped to arrange a C21 cargo and passenger airlift plane to pick Clinton up in White Plains, New York.
The worst of this is Mrs. Clinton was lying and lied to her spokesman in stating it was "allergies". Her allergies caused here to collapse and were written off as the "flu", which in all of these lies, brings a new assessment that she most likely did not have influenza, but another condition.
It is reasonable to assume now that the bloodclot in her sinus was there before her fall, and it is what caused her to become dizzy and pass out, so she fell.

Again the boring emails, have Mrs. Wiener emailing reminders that Hillary Clinton needs to take another nap.



UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05797446 Date: 11/30/2015 RELEASE IN FULL From: H Sent: Friday, January 11, 2013 2:48 PM To: '' Subject: Re: Reminder fabius at 3:30. Take a nap. Will try! Could you send Monica or someone back to pick up some urgent matters?

The most damning in the current boring emails is the one in which Mrs. Clinton had a non medical professional doing medical research for her on medications which she could take, because two years after the 2009 episode that had her chartering military jets to fly home, had her using State Department employees on personal business, WHICH IS ILLEGAL, in researching drugs so Mrs. Clinton would not be in a coma for more than 14 hours a day.

Jake Sullivan, Hillary Clinton’s top foreign policy adviser, extensively researched the drug Provigil while working for her at the State Department in 2011.
Sullivan, then Secretary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, informed Clinton in an email that Provigil, a drug commonly used to treat narcolepsy and other sleep-wake disorders, “was invented by the military.

Hillary Clinton is a decrepit, that means worn out from use, old woman. She has aged past her years in being literally in the 90 age group. Literally 7 years ago she had a major medical emergency. It required 2 years for her to "recover", but 5 years ago she was still researching for some types of drugs to keep her from sleeping 24 hours a day, which is linked to the original brain injury.

What we know for certain now is Mrs. Clinton has exhibited odd behavior in barking like a dog, experiencing brain freezes, had a black medic following her around with an auto inject med pen, and she is not up to the campaign, as requires pillows, stools and periods from Friday afternoon to Monday morning to recover from whatever she has which is debilitating her.

Unofficially, we have the photographic evidence she had a cancerous tumor removed from her tongue this year and she has odd bulges appearing under her clothing, which signify some other type of medical devices. She dresses up like Nanook of the North in searing summer temperatures.

Jimmy Kimmel jokes and Clinton subterfuge is not going to change the facts that the American People have the right to know just what deceptions Hillary Clinton is deceiving the American public with this time. She has been caught lying before in "allergies" and now the condition in the last year is debilitating to the point that it is certain she is not going to survive her first term if she steals this from Donald Trump.

The Republicans must convene hearings on Mrs. Clinton's health as it is the responsibility of the Democratic Party to nominate someone who actually can be President.........alive.

Nuff Said

Solving the American Police State Violence

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was just watching a news feed of some city police in a rural state mounting AR 15's and loading 12 gauge pump shotguns, and I was simply repulsed, and that is the reason for this post as the Lame Cherry always seeks to help everyone, in being a slave to humanity.

What occurs to me is the problem with Law Enforcement in America is not that they are shooting Americans, as in murdering them like LaVoy Finicum by the Oregon State Police, but the problem is all of this military SWAT fashions which make police look unattractive. Then when the police take their costumes off, they are these ugly fat people as in that rural state, where the woman was positively a heifer in beefer proportions, with double chin and simply someone who people looking at them would be furious at being shot by them.

I mean everyone dreams of being shot by Harry Callahan as Clinton Eastwood in Dirty Harry. The hot Asian chic neighbors all sexed him, and no one cared when Harry was grinding some pedophile's broken leg with his heal to get information, because people just like being shot by attractive people.

So in that, I think that all the major cities in America, say 200,000 and above in population, must have attractive tests, and if the public does not want to bone them, then let them go to some rural location, where there are not enough people around to be upset by being shot by the donut patrol.
The thing is, very few shootings happen in rural states, because the officers are all donut eaters for the most part, and do not respond to calls. So I see this as a great solution in the Negroids of Chicago would be pleased  by being shot by a hot white cop, and the rural folks having the donut eaters, would not be in danger, and the ugly police no one wanted, could all be flushed to some occupation like a Cabelas job.

America must stamp out ugly police. As the Asian and the Caucasian are naturally more attractive than the Negroid or other offshoots, of course they will have hiring priority. Like when Lady Bird Johnson banned all junk yards in view of the interstate, America should be a pretty place where only centerfold type police are allowed to shoot Americans.

Now follow this out in, you are driving along and get stopped in a speed trap. If Mr. Penis head which permeates  all law enforcement appears, you are upset.

But say Officer 38-22-32 appears with her DD chest jutting at you, bends over and lets you look down her shirt, blows hot peppermint breath on you and drops your license and bends over to pick it up, you would be most pleased to pay a 90 dollar fine.
Get permission to take selfies of the Officer to post on your webpage and crime would disappear in America, as Blacks and Hispanics would show up at the jail to be arrested, in order to have Officer Hooters book them in.

America should be a place where the standard is, "Officer is that bra loaded" and the reply would be, "Silicon Valley has better use than computer chips their desparado", instead of screaming about guns and shooting stupid Americans who keep thinking life is like a box of Obama in everything comes up chocolate covered cherry.

I would volunteer to set up the standards for this necessary crime and police state violence protection. Even if Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton and image Obama will not make black lives mattering, the Lame Cherry naturally will rise to the challenge in providing the platform where Blacks will at least be shot by attractive police officers, so the families will appreciate the honor.

With that.

Nuff Said



Pansy Boy Magazine

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With Lame Cherry announcing the premier issue of Pansy Boy Magazine, the Cherry asks the pertinent question of, "What happens when being fag is not enough?"

By this, what happens now that Obama, Clinton and the GOPliters have flamestreamed and gaystreamed churches and political parties, has lit up the White House in rainbow colors, how does do all the poor old fags who have been pretending to be fags to get women into bed, get career advancement and get bonuses, deal with life, when being sodomite is no longer anything anyone is interested in.

After all, who wants their own Negro in the window, after everyone has had Obama in the TV window nonstop for 8 years?

The answer of course is NAMBLA, as the Obama regime has set the stage for all of these perverts questioning what they are, as that is the big Q in LGBTQ, in the media is sneaking the child molesters into the mix, and unfortunately Donald Trump mentioned the Big Q in his nomination speech.

That is what the reality is. People passing themselves off as queer to gain attention and opportunity, now like being black have had that taken from them in the Obama regime, as people coming out of the closet with, "You know I am gay", are met at the cocktail crowd with the reply, "So is my dog", and with that the attention focuses on the dirty old pervs making little children squeal in the bathroom stalls as some Muslim takes selfies of it all.

This has all been so flamed into your minds, that you do not even look at men any more and say, "Ick that freak looks like a queer" as we have all been so bombarded with these maleshes and shemales, that no one even remembers a day when our images all looked like William Holden and Humphrey Bogard.

We have now reached an age where the terrorist is named a psycholigical disorder and not a criminal, and the child molester of Jacob Wetterling will soon join the political platforms as the Q part in "child love".

Yes the very things that society used to naturally recoil from is now just more rats in a maze sexing anything that moves and will not move. America and the West has come to a Sodom time when a group of male rapists, rejecting the opportunity to rape two virgin girls to death, for the opportunity to rape Angels in being the more perverse thrill is what the morally dead civilization of the once Christian West has been defiled to.

It is the sentence of judgment on a people who are just not animals any longer, but so much the more cockroaches crawling all over each other, mindlessly defecating on themselves and all the filthy world they inhabit.

Pansy Boy Magazine
Volume 1

Manfred Mann - Blinded by the Light - YouTube

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Update Trois

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Inquiry points to Hollande situation was neutralized in parking lot. Transit had a female driver back into the truck. The occupants exited the vehicle and were apprehended.

US Marshalls will transport out state.

Is being buried in media black out. Event would only hurt Hamrod. All creatures great and small, wars with Russia require different fuses. 

One down one to go.

I did some checking in the nuke and inquiry states it was not a woman driver, but at a fuel stop in New York, one Pak was taken down with a stun gun putting in fuel and the other while taking a piss.

Jurer devant Dieu, also Swear to God, I kept getting TRANSIT being involved in this, so conducted some data mining and was surprised there is a Federal Transit Administration in DOT.
That is what inquiry points to, in apparently Transit is weaponized in fighting terror. 

Federal Transit Administration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is an agency within the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) ...

Inquiry states that military authority took possession of this lot and they are out of New York and processed out bound from America.

So that is what inquiry points to. Be a real bitch if something goes up now yet, but I am tired from wrestling with the dead.........fricking Gotham dead are real grabbers in the matrix.......wear a Spirit out. So am more tired than ever.
Will judge this a win in it going black. Objective is to stop the Obama Clinton war against Vladimir Putin. Failure though in tying the tag to the certain though the competing factions who took control of this will now blackmail with the events for their agenda.

As of now the Allgire events have been neutralized, if there is not a reset as that tard Biden is over there hunting hackers and trying to get Baltic mutton on the Kremlin kabobs. 

More interested in how many of these Transit shadow groups are armed and active to .....keep things off the books.
Oh one more thing Columbo, the item from Missouri is now on a ship and heading back to the Mideast. I did not inquire what they are going to do with that toy.

Time to praise God and say goodnight Gracie.


Heartless Hillary & Soulless Cher
sick and sicker

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have always been repulsed by sodomites, because they are unnatural. Nature did not create them and they are the product of choice, a choice as repulsive as a dog sticking their nose in your ass, in no normal person appreciates that either.

The reason that we labor again over the homosexual in America, is Hillary Clinton appeared at another fundraiser for the rich and elite, not before public press conferences, where the rather unbalanced Cher went off on a rather insane rant which was filled with German hating, Russian hating and American hating rhetoric which was pure racism and hatred.

The call should come for Mrs. Clinton to denounce and made to reject all ties to Cher, along with returning the vast sums the laughing sexual deviants donated to Mrs. Clinton as Cher rent the air with bigotry, racism and hatred.

Cher is an ignorant, but that is not an excuse, as Cher's type of uninformed conclusions are the realities which produced things like blood libel, burning Christians at the stake, blacks for the slave trade and the genocide of various races, such as Germans in Russia, Russians in Russia and Americans in America.

Cher's ignorance was comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. It should be noted that Adolf Hitler was on friendly terms with leftist Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain of Britain and leftist President Franklin Roosevelt of the Democratic party called Joseph Stalin his friend.
The comparison was not even in the correct political wing, as Donald Trump is a right wing nationalist and Adolf Hitler was a left wing National Socialist and Joseph Stalin was a left wing Communist, both of which Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are advocates, with the same bloodshed connected to the Clintons in Serbian Genocide and Obama in Syrian Genocide.

In this Clinton Obama era though, the adjectives have ceased in the disgusting nature of the associates of Hillary Clinton. It all just pure evil now. It is a reality that in Cher's display that the most reprehensible group of bigots and phobes on the planet now are the liberal homosexuals in America.
They literally are the out of control absolute power of the Vatican burning Joan of Arc to the unbridled lust of Muhammad beheading 800 Arabs in a day for not being like him. The American Sodomite has gotten their rights to feed off straight American Virtue, but the American Sodomite now in true Islamic fashion has become the group which produced the Orlando shooter by so abusing that sodomite Muslim male.

She compared him to Hitler, likened his campaign to a “racist” version of “Fun with Dick and Jane” and even said he evoked the murderous child star in “The Bad Seed.”
“I just think he’s” an idiot, Cher said of Donald J. Trump, adding a decidedly unprintable modifier.
The crowd in Provincetown, Mass., one of the country’s gay capitals, roared its approval at Cher’s succinct and salty assessment.

“Consummate liar, doesn’t care who she hurts, insane and, you know, sociopathic narcissist,” she said. “I just wish he’d fall off the face of the earth.”
Veering into more incendiary territory, Cher invoked “old despots” and received a subdued response when she mentioned Hitler and Stalin.
“We’re going to make Germany great again,” she said, before digressing to a bit on Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

With power comes responsibility, but what was witnessed at the Clinton fundraiser proves the American Sodomite is an abuse of power and is the thing of the laws of the jungle. For the sodomite to accept Cher as their poster boy is akin to the disaster of blacks accepting Obama as their poster boy.

What is Cher? She is the product of marrying an older gentleman in Sonny Bono, who relentlessly promoted their songs to the point of phoning up radio stations non stop to request their songs, to make their song "the pick of the week".
For this, Sonny played the fool on stage, while Cher went back stage and cheated on him.
After Mr. Bono gained them fame, Cher divorced him, and went off on binge marriages with the greatest assortment of perverts, and then produced an innocent child of the Sonny marriage in Chastity, to turn her into Chaz Bono, the freak transsexual.

People with morals, taste and simply humanity would reject a fundraiser freak show as Cher with sodomites put on display, but not Hillary Clinton.

I do not get worked up over things like Cher any more or Mrs. Clinton, because I know the future in either America will have had enough of this treacherous perversion and rise up as the French did for a complete cleansing of millions or it will be Russian troops taking target practice as the master race who adhered to morality, and fulfilling Adolf Hitler's own prediction, that the Russian was superior.

It is personally sad to know the chosen outcome of the sodomites in they are an abomination to God, and hell is their chosen end. I realize that this kind of frustration brings out the Cher and Hillary type hatred of others, but the fact is pressure and power brings out the true nature of souls, and hatred is what is is the sodomite soul as it has no heart.

Hillary Clinton ducks press and voters, hangs with Justin Timberlake, Cher at fundraisers

Hillary Clinton has spent more time with celebrities including Cher and Justin Timberlake than with voters over the past week, and her presidential cam…


Melania Trump in for the Judicial Kill

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am in absolute adoration of the sexy First Lady of America, Melania Trump. So many people do not understand the use of sexy, in thinking it involves one dimensional urges, when sexy is much more. Sexy is a 1966 Ford Mustang, because it is Euclidean perfect. Sexy is 38 Colt Police Special in perfect lines. Sexy is the Lame Cherry due to it's attraction of all the moths to the flame. Sexy is First Lady Melania Trump hiring the law firm which ground into the dirt, the website Gawker, in enlisting them to go after the Daily Mail, and other Clinton Obama Neocon outlets which have been smearing Mrs. Trump, in stating horrendously nasty things like she worked as an escort.

In a statement to the Guardian, Charles Harder, an attorney at the firm of Harder, Miller and Abrams which is representing Trump, said: “This law firm is litigation counsel for Melania Trump. Mrs Trump has placed several news organizations on notice of her legal claims against them, including Daily Mail among others, for making false and defamatory statements about her supposedly having been an ‘escort’ in the 1990s. All such statements are 100% false, highly damaging to her reputation, and personally hurtful. She understands that news media have certain leeway in a presidential campaign, but outright lying about her in this way exceeds all bounds of appropriate news reporting and human decency.”
Harder’s not-quite-four-year-old Beverly Hills firm, Harder Mirell & Abrams LLP, is perhaps best known for representing Hulk Hogan in the lawsuit that eventually bankrupted Gawker Media, which was sold at auction to media company Univision earlier in August.

I love a world in just thinking about it, in Melania Trump in spiked heels grinding these heinous liars into oblivion, where they will be on the streets, begging for turds to eat, because her lawsuits are so thorough.

This honestly excites me, as yesterday that lying asstard Dave Blount published more lying attacks on President Elect Donald Trump in citing "univision" as his source, lying that Mt. Trump was not going to protect America, but was instead going soft on amnesty.

Dave Blount's Univision Lie:

The Truth from the Trump Campaign:

Conway On Trump Immigration Plans - 'Enforce The Laws'

I relish the day with delight, when President Donald Trump turns the full weight of the Justice Department on all of these lying cucks, neocons and Clintonistas in the media and crushes them. I warned Matt Walsh over at the The Blaze that he had better run for his life to Patagonia, because Donald Trump is coming, and by God we have the first salvo in this in Melania Trump is setting the stage for Justice in America.

What a delight to see Jonah Goldberg, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro..........National Review, Glenn Beck and the Blaze, Red State with Erick Erickson, Bill Kristol and his rag, all brought to Gawker ruin. God be glorified this putrid stench is removed forever from this world by the Trump Justice Department crushing these maggots feeding upon society.

I am more content now than ever that Mrs. Trump is just what America needs and the world. Nothing like a woman who collects testicles for her trophy wall of all the millionaires who have wronged her. How great is this in Donald Trump, has a wife, who can bring home the bacon, cut it up, fry it in the pan.....and she slays the wild boar of cuck international.

God bless First Lady Melania Trump. It is time the world's protected elite learn that there is no place to run or hide. I just hope that this Bannon with the Trump children starts Trump TV, and then we can all watch a reality program where all these cucks get dragged out of their beds at 3 AM in their underwear, and we can listen to them cry as they piss themselves that this was all a mistake in it was Koch and Murdoch's fault.

Drag their asses out too.

Go get em First Lady Melania.

Hot damn I love Americans!!!!!!!!!!

Tarnak Farm - Reckless Pilots, Speed, or Fog of War? - Go Flight ...

PS: Do you think a First Lady can order up a dial a yield nuke on all the cuck homes in America?